How to Make Healthy Homemade Ice Cream

By The Ice Cream Enthusiast

Once, we made ice cream by beating together cream and sugar and adding a little milk before setting it outside on top of the tank stand – to set in the frost. It was hard work, and it was too bad if the cat got to it first!

Now, ice cream recipes have evolved into something a lot less fattening and, with the advent of home ice cream machines, a great deal easier to beat and freeze.

The hardest part about making an ice cream recipe successfully by hand was usually the second beating. The mixture was by then partly frozen, making it difficult to beat it up to the required thickness. However, if you have an ice cream machine that is all taken care of. You don’t have to keep on checking the mixture to ensure it is not getting too frozen – and you don’t have to beat it by hand.

Use the Internet to collect interesting and healthy ice cream recipes, and then have fun experimenting.

When making up ice cream recipes at home, you can actually make these treats very nutritious for fussy eaters by adding fruit, berries and all sorts of goodies. Don’t be afraid to add a few more ingredients to the basic ice cream recipe.

Crushed berries swirled through a soft-serve ice cream recipe mixture are particularly tasty and will tempt almost anyone to eat them.

Since many children never seem to eat enough fruit, this is a great way of getting them to eat more. Passion fruit, pineapple, mandarins, oranges and kiwi fruit are all good additions to your ice cream recipe.

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The author loves ice cream, likes to eat healthy and delicious food, but hates being stuck in the kitchen!