In a Town of 16,000 – Easton, MD – Small Restaurant Company Continues to Pay Each of the 50 Employees’ Wages

Bluepoint Hospitality has pivoted from presenting ultra-luxe culinary meals to serving its community – a remote sailing town of 16,000 residents – with boxed-up carry-out from three of its six establishments, while keeping ALL 50 of its employees on staff. And, the hospitality group situated in Maryland – one of the states hit hardest by the current pandemic – continues to sustain the salaries of its employees. A rarity in the current climate of today’s hospitality industry.

In safely moving forward with abbreviated operations, Bluepoint Hospitality’s founder and CEO of Beowulf Energy, Paul Prager – Easton, MD and New York City resident – had no intention of changing the most vital component of the group – its employees. To date, not one employee has been let go – despite the current limitations on the services offered. And, Prager has pledged that all 50 associates will remain gainfully employed, even if months continue to unfold as such. Furthermore, Bluepoint Hospitality is committed to providing a free daily staff meal to every employee before or after each shift. In this same spirit, Prager and Bluepoint Hospitality remain committed to lending a helping hand to the community in Easton, MD – donating 2,000 masks to the University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton and delivering meals, loaves of bread, and freshly baked desserts every Saturday to the local heroes of doctors, nurses and hospital workers.

Bluepoint Hospitality Group is a premier Mid-Atlantic collection of boutique restaurants and businesses. Anchored by skilled culinary and health-focused professionals, it has six entities in historic Easton, Maryland, each of them conceptually unique and designed to the highest standard: Sunflowers & Greens, an upscale salad bistro; Bumble Bee Juice, a cold-pressed juice bar; Bas Rouge, an elegant dining room serving fine European fare; Bonheur, a chic artisanal ice-cream parlor; Weather Gage, featuring excellent coffee, espresso drinks, teas, and French pastries; and The Stewart, a distinguished Highland lounge offering premium Scotch whiskeys and vintage Champagnes. Today – Weather Gage, Sunflowers & Greens, and Bonheur remain open with limited operations.