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Vedad “Vedo” Pitnjakovic is a spirits and cocktail writer, and editor for Food and Beverage Magazine, based out of Las Vegas, with Ten years of experience as a bartender, consultant, and brand ambassador. @V_isabartender

Have no fear in Cape Fear Gin!

Cape Fear, known for its treacherous waters and home to legendary pirates Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet, Alex is a bold as the men who have tread these waters before him. Which I am sure these pirates would have a hard time not imbibing in this Gin if they were alive today.

Alex Munroe of Cape Fear Maritime Gin keeps this daring spirit alive with his Gin. Cape Fear Maritime Gin hails from the coastal region of Cape Fear in North Carolina.  This New World Gin still has its touches of the Old World. Produced in small-batch quantities, utilizing a column still along with a gin basket to seamlessly integrate the botanicals through vapor distillation with wheat as the base cereal grain, and the botanicals comprising of prevailing juniper, lavender, coriander, and orange peels 

Alex Munroe made sure his bottling is special in its own right, with a classically styled bottled that has a ghost ship displayed on the back of the label and a measure of “Full Tide, Half Tide, and Hard Aground” on the side playfully reminding you how much Gin is left. Do not forget the Anchor emblem carefully tied to the neck of the bottle.

Cape Fear Maritime Gin sits at a super approachable 40% ABV but drinks like a 35% ABV Gin. This is not to mean that the product is lackluster. It opens itself up to the beginner drinker and to the seasoned vet, which both will appreciate it is nuances.  

On the nose it is much sweeter than any gin I have experienced, much less juniper forward, which makes it welcoming to the new or inexperienced gin drinker.

The palate is sweet and creamy. Some would say oily.

The finish is where you will experience cotton candy, vanilla ice cream and corn candy reminiscent of a childhood fair.

For any Gin cocktail fanatic, they will quickly find that Cape Fear Maritime Gin works perfectly in an Aviation, French 75 or Classic Martini with a few dashes of Fee Brothers Orange Bitters.

Price: $29.99