Zuul is pleased to announce the launch of Zuul Market, a virtual food hall delivery experience fueling New Yorkers’ return to work. Zuul Market provides scheduled food deliveries to specific drop points, enabling tenants, employees and residents to order from multiple restaurants in the same delivery. Zuul has partnered with some of NYC’s largest property developers including Silverstein Properties and Broad Street Development to launch partnerships that include a white-label online ordering portal and custom website for a bespoke experience.

“Zuul Market builds on our 2019 acquisition of Ontray, moving from a single- restaurant to a multi-restaurant food delivery service,” said Corey Manicone, CEO of Zuul. “We’re excited to offer this new sales channel to our member restaurants while supporting a safe return to work for many New Yorkers.”

Zuul Market became an important part of the strategic plan for Silverstein Properties’ return to work. The marketplace was integrated into Silverstein’s Inspire tenant app to provide the Zuul Market as a building-wide amenity, across Silverstein’s buildings. By consolidating multiple orders into a single delivery, Zuul Market reduces the number of drivers interacting with the building and frees up space on both passenger and freight elevators.

“Zuul is a great service that has become an important part of our Inspire hospitality app,” said Guy Vardi, Chief Innovation Officer for Silverstein Properties. “Our employees and tenants can order lunch from their phones before 10:30am, and have it delivered directly to their desks two hours later. Zuul offers full quality control over the entire process – from food preparation to delivery.”

Orders are prepared by member restaurants located in Zuul’s SoHo ghost kitchen, including Junzi Kitchen, Naya Express, Sarge’s Deli, and Stone Bridge Pizza & Salad. Zuul Market features 15-20 curated items from each restaurant and allows diners to filter by dietary restriction, brand, and category.

“Zuul Market’s delivery model unlocks the efficiencies of larger, catering-style deliveries, but with the diversity of choice and brand-name restaurants of a food hall,” said Kristen Barnett, Director of Strategy for Zuul. “We are excited about the potential to expand this model to other buildings to offer customers convenience without sacrificing choice.”

To drive sales for member restaurants, Zuul co-creates virtual brands that leverage the existing restaurant’s talent and kitchen ingredients. Stone Bridge Pizza, with Zuul’s support, created Rival Sandwich Co, a virtual brand designed to highlight the artisanal sandwiches on the Stone Bridge menu. Zuul led the creation of the name, logo, art direction and photography to bring the brand to life in just two weeks. Sales of sandwiches increased three-fold in the first week of launch.

“As a restaurant owner, time is in short supply to handle just our existing brand, so creating a new one for our sandwiches seemed like a monumental undertaking,” said Enrique Mendez, owner of Stone Bridge Pizza. “With Zuul Market and the support of Zuul’s team, we were able go from concept to launch very quickly with immediate results.”

Zuul also launched it’s own virtual brand, Snack Committee. With many shared kitchens in offices now shuttered, Snack Committee aims to meet the between- meal gaps by delivering a curated selection of individually packaged snacks, sweets, beverages, and basics from both local NYC and national partners.


The company’s plans for expansion include additional food hall partnerships and ghost kitchen locations throughout New York City. Office and property managers can visit zuul.com/market to sign up for a custom Zuul Market experience.