Indaba Wines Get Fresh New Look

Indaba Wines Get Fresh New Look

Iconic South African Label Updated To Capture Brand’s Spirit

Indaba Wines Get Fresh New LookIndaba, the flagship South African brand from Cape Classics, is getting a makeover this year. Created by premier South African designer, Studio Anthony Lane, the wines have emerged with a fresh, elegant label that strengthens brand communications. The month, the importer’s distribution partners will offer new vintages with the redesigned label, starting with the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, and continuing with the 2014 Merlot.

“Indaba is a legacy South African brand in the USA, and has always been synonymous with exceptional quality for the price, along with ethos and energy that are far greater than just making and selling a bottle of wine,” remarked Robert Bradshaw, President and COO of Cape Classics. “We are incredibly proud of the wines we craft, but recognized we needed to contemporize the label.  This wine, after over 20 years in the market, deserved a brighter, fresher, more updated look that would allow old and new fans alike to recognize the brand and instantly connect with Indaba’s spirit.”

Indaba Wines Get Fresh New Look“Our sales teams are excited to present Indaba’s new and dynamic packaging that better complements the hand-crafted, quality wines in the bottle,” shared Doug Shaw, Executive Vice President, M.S. Walker, Inc. “We find the trade is demanding authenticity and some kind of connection or identification with new brand packages. Particularly with an already established and successful brand such as Indaba, the new fresh and sophisticated look is a wonderful opportunity to introduce the wines to potential new customers, while re-energizing and exciting long-time supporters.”

The new approach was first and foremost driven by the brand essence encapsulated in the name “Indaba” a Zulu word that translates to: a gathering of spirits, a meeting of minds, a sharing of dreams. According to Studio Anthony Lane, “We think that consumers will really connect with the vibrancy and freshness of the new look, which coupled with the artisanal quality will add a real sense of value.” The design team supports this inspiration with its interpretation of South Africa and the region in which Indaba is grown: “In its essence we strove to capture the vibrant diversity of South Africa in a sophisticated, distinctive and contemporary manner. The kaleidoscopic seal serves the need for a strong, vibrant on-shelf statement and product differentiation, and the tactile embossing of the crafted natural motif and textured stock reinforces the quality, value and integrity of the brand.”

The new label contains several new features, most notably the new white stock that replaces the darker craft paper that adorns the current bottles. The “I” is, in part, symbolic of the Zulu origins of the word “Indaba” and the seal on which the ‘I’ sits is a nod to the handcrafted and authentic nature of the wine. The embossed floral scroll is the inside of a protea flower, a genus of South African botanicals that grow in a wide variety of forms, depicting the complexity and depth of the wine. The use of the flower is also representative of the sustainable production Cape Classics espouses and of South Africa’s claim as the world’s ‘greenest’ wine region.

The updated packaging will be launching this month in most major markets with Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, rolling out first.  Cape Classics will offer full activation kits including point of sale materials, wine bags and banners. Sales blitzes, events, distributor incentives and advertising will support the launch in select markets. A full time Brand Manager has joined the Cape Classics team to oversee all facets of Indaba, including this transition and launch. For more information about Indaba and the Indaba Education Fund 501(c)(3), visit or



Behind every farm, winemaker, bottle and grape lies an untold story.  Collectively, we discover these tales and share them with our customers. Demanding authenticity, Cape Classics operates the “old-fashioned” way, with relationships and social responsibility at the forefront of our business. The 29 wineries we represent throughout South Africa and France embrace sustainable eco and social practices, doing their part to help preserve lands for future generations while improving the human condition now. Our wines are expressive, crafted with passion and perspective, and delivered with the same hallmark levels of service and professionalism since 1992.

Additionally, a portion of the global sales from our Indaba brand is allocated to the Indaba Education Fund (IEF). A fully accredited 501c3, IEF supports early childhood development by providing AMI Montessori infrastructure, learning materials and teacher training at schools established for wineland workers’ children.