iNG Restaurant Hits the Streets

iNG Restaurant Hits the StreetsChicago’s iNG Restaurant is well-known for bringing a topsy-turvy experience to the taste buds and with the new Street Food Menu <;> , the palate will be pleased to receive a global experience as well!

Celebrity Chef Homaro Cantu and newly-crowned Executive Chef Tim Havidic worked together to incorporate dishes and drinks from around the world with iNG’s signature “flavor tripping” approach to their ever-changing menu.  Featuring healthier versions of traditional street food favorites, the courses span everywhere from Thailand to the Middle East and offer a gourmet spin on a global scale.

“We are excited to showcase what comfort food means across various cultures,” says Havidic.  “We have completely elevated many of these traditional staples by incorporating new and unique ingredients.”

For a taste of what to expect, the menu features a Chinese-inspired Char Siu, complete with duck bacon, fried rice and dumplings, paired with a medium-bodied, elegant red wine. Other dishes include Elotes with flavorful huitlacoche-jalapeno, corn and smoked adessa chile as well as Felafel with pita and eggplant and Poor Man’s Lobster Po Boy with monkfish, celery root and bacon.  For dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with a Snow Cone featuring, plum, ginger and bitter almond or a Cannoli with goat milk ricotta, sour cherry and rose.