Instacart ‘Scoops’ Up America’s Favorite Ice Cream Picks in Every State

Instacart delivers 22% more ice cream per customer in July compared to the yearly average, and with hot summer days finally here, there’s no better time to cool off with a scoop (or two) of your favorite frozen treat. In celebration of National Ice Cream Day on July 16, we explored Instacart’s vast purchase data to uncover each state’s beloved ice cream flavor by looking at which ice cream flavor each state buys the most compared to the national average. While vanilla is the most popular ice cream in America, making up for 30% of all ice cream purchases through Instacart, there are much more exciting flavors that are enjoyed across the nation as well. ������

Instacart Reveals State-by-State Favorite Ice Cream Picks

I scream, You Scream…



  • So vanilla. Most of the country would argue you just can’t beat a classic! 21 states purchase vanilla ice cream more than the rest of the country, from Alaska to Arizona up to Minnesota and back down to Georgia.

“It’s no surprise most states in the country are partial to vanilla ice cream because it’s arguably the most versatile of them all. The luscious vanilla flavor effortlessly enhances a variety of desserts, whether it’s nestled in a chocolate sundae, paired a-la-mode with a slice of pie or cobbler, or simply savored in its pure form with a delightful sprinkle topping. As such, it holds the title of America’s favorite ice cream overall, and we don’t foresee it losing its lead anytime soon!” – Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trends Expert

  • Choc-a-lot. 15 states on the East Coast prefer to indulge in the rich and velvety flavors of chocolate ice cream, from Maine down to Florida.
  • Mint to be. 4 states are about that fresh mint and chocolate chip combo, including the entire Pacific Northwest and Pennsylvania.
  • Caffeine, please. 4 states are buzzed on coffee ice cream, from Hawaii to Rhode Island.
  • Rock the boat. 3 states including California, Nevada, and Montana have a preference for rocky road ice cream. Marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate, oh my!
  • You a-moose me. 3 states up in the Midwest are sold on moose tracks ice cream, with the magical combination of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cups, and fudge.
  • Berry delicious. The capital of our nation stands alone when it comes to strawberry ice cream purchases, buying more than the national average! Must be a favorite among politicians.

Now here’s a closer look at each state’s favorite flavors:

  • Alabama: Chocolate
  • Alaska: Vanilla
  • Arizona: Vanilla
  • Arkansas: Vanilla
  • California: Rocky Road
  • Colorado: Vanilla
  • Connecticut: Chocolate
  • Delaware: Chocolate
  • Florida: Chocolate
  • Georgia: Vanilla
  • Hawaii: Coffee
  • Idaho: Mint Chip
  • Illinois: Vanilla
  • Indiana: Vanilla
  • Iowa: Moose Tracks
  • Kansas: Vanilla
  • Kentucky: Vanilla
  • Louisiana: Chocolate
  • Maine: Chocolate
  • Maryland: Vanilla
  • Massachusetts: Coffee
  • Michigan: Moose Tracks
  • Minnesota: Vanilla
  • Mississippi: Vanilla
  • Missouri: Vanilla
  • Montana: Rocky Road
  • Nebraska: Vanilla
  • Nevada: Rocky Road
  • New Hampshire: Chocolate
  • New Jersey: Chocolate
  • New Mexico: Coffee
  • New York: Chocolate
  • North Carolina: Chocolate
  • North Dakota: Vanilla
  • Ohio: Vanilla
  • Oklahoma: Vanilla
  • Oregon: Mint Chip
  • Pennsylvania: Mint Chip
  • Rhode Island: Coffee
  • South Carolina: Chocolate
  • South Dakota: Vanilla
  • Tennessee: Chocolate
  • Texas: Vanilla
  • Utah: Vanilla
  • Vermont: Chocolate
  • Virginia: Chocolate
  • Washington: Mint Chip
  • Washington, D.C.: Strawberry
  • West Virginia: Chocolate
  • Wisconsin: Moose Tracks
  • Wyoming: Vanilla

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We hope you scoop, savor, and celebrate National Ice Cream Day! Stay cool.������������


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