International Wine Tour 2023: Wine Meridian sets sail for the United States to explore wine tourism in the land of stars and stripes

What are the strengths and weaknesses of wine tourism in the United States? In June, a new journey to investigate the American hospitality model begins.

Exploring Wine Tourism: International Wine Tour 2023 in the United States

Over the past three years, Wine Meridian has traveled tens of thousands of kilometers to learn more about wine tourism initiatives in South Africa, Europe, and Italy. In the course of our travels, we have collected stories and shared incredible wine tourism experiences that have shown us how diverse the wine tourism scene can be throughout the world. This year, we’re preparing to pack up and travel to a location that will undoubtedly inspire just as many emotions: the United States of America.

On June 11th, 2023, we will land in San Francisco and begin our coast-to-coast trip across the country. The mysteries of American wine tourism will be revealed as we travel through 20 States in an RV and stop at 100 wineries, from the renowned ones in the Napa Valley to the lesser-known ones in Oklahoma. Sometimes we will introduce ourselves as Wine Meridian when we walk through their gates, while other times we will visit their cellars anonymously.

The goal of the tour

Our goal is to provide extensive information on the many wine tourism options available in the United States while also presenting the cellars, the products, and the regions we visit.

We won’t simply concentrate on the most well-known vineyards; we will also give voice to small producers who cater to a more local market.

The journey will give wine entrepreneurs, food & wine tour operators, and hotel managers the chance to get a 360° picture of the wine tourism offer in the United States (in addition to firsthand accounts).

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How to support us

You can support us in this adventure by reading our articles, rich in curiosities and in-depth analysis, and keeping up with our journey on social media.

See you on June 11th 2023: save the date!