Today, award-winning San Diego distillery Cutwater Spirits announces the launch of Cutwater Tequila Añejo, the latest addition to Master Distiller and Co-Founder Yuseff Cherney’s acclaimed spirits portfolio. While Cutwater Spirits is predominantly known for its pioneering line of canned cocktails, Cutwater also produces 20 bottled spirits spanning nearly every category from vodka to whiskey. Cutwater debuted Cutwater Tequila Blanco in October 2019 followed by Cutwater Tequila Reposado in January 2020. The Reposado recently took home awards including Tequila of the Year, Best in Class and Gold at London Spirits Competition, Best of Class and Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Best of Show at the Denver International Spirits Competition. With the much-anticipated release of Cutwater Tequila Añejo, Cherney is thrilled to introduce another exceptional aged tequila as well as to share the story behind how he is producing Cutwater tequilas in Jalisco with a unique hands-on approach.


The story of Cutwater’s tequilas predates the Cutwater distillery itself… in 2014, Cherney was Head Brewer at Ballast Point but had a growing passion for distillation which he pursued in the brewery break room. Cherney also taught brewing classes at U.C. San Diego where he serendipitously met a bright, young student named Joaquin Lopez Orendain from Jalisco whose family has been producing tequila in Tequila for nearly a century. After learning about Yuseff’s dream of making a traditional tequila, Joaquin made an important introduction. When Cherney visited the Orendain’s family-owned and operated distillery, he was welcomed with open arms and open minds and a true one-of-a-kind partnership began.


Cherney oversees every step of the tequila production process and Cutwater has its own dedicated distillery space within the Orendain distillery (NOM 1110). Cutwater’s bottled tequilas are additive-free and crafted from 100% blue agave that is slow-cooked in traditional brick ovens, open-fermented then double-distilled on a custom-designed “alambique” still made of stainless steel and copper. For Cutwater’s aged tequilas, the liquid is then rested in Cutwater whiskey barrels that are shipped from their San Diego distillery to Jalisco. Cherney oversees every step, from distillation, barrel selection, and blending to ensure that Cutwater’s aged tequilas maintain a distinctly agave-forward character. Cherney even manages the final steps of label and bottle production and ultimately the final steps of bottling.


“Following the critical acclaim of our Blanco and Reposado, the team is very proud to introduce Cutwater Tequila Añejo,” shares Cherney. “We are so grateful for the Orendain family and our partnership as we work closely to create Cutwater tequilas using traditional methods that harken back to the golden age of tequila. Our tequilas are a testament to our meticulous passion and relentless commitment to quality in everything we produce. The Añejo is full of oak while still retaining the agave’s presence, perfect for sipping neat.”


After aging for over a year in Cutwater Whiskey barrels, Cutwater Tequila Añejo emerges with a rich amber hue and complex notes of oak, caramel, and bourbon vanilla. Añejo also offers a first look at a packaging refresh that is being applied to all Cutwater tequilas in the coming months. With a slimmer bottle made from 100% recycled glass, each aspect of the new packaging is produced in Guadalajara. The new label design features a hand-drawn illustration by San Diego artist, Dave Warshaw. Depicting the skull of the black skimmer sea bird, the image is inspired by classic Mexican folk art and serves as a nod to the Cutwater name. It is available now from select retailers for an SRP of $49.99 and consumers can find a retailer near them by emailing