Introducing Stolen Fruit Mixers for Food Friendly Cocktails and Mocktails

Stolen Fruit Mixers for Food-Friendly Cocktails and Mocktails

Varietal grape juice mixers combine the nuance of wine
with the playfulness of cocktails

Introducing Stolen Fruit Mixers for Food Friendly Cocktails and MocktailsFor millennia, winemakers have coaxed delicious flavors and complex aromas from the vineyard and great chefs have used the fresh pressed juice of green grapes, called verjus, to make their dishes sing. The creators of Stolen Fruit are bringing this tradition to the glass with their new line of grape-based mixers: adding the nuance and complexity of wine grapes to a range of cocktails and mocktails.

Introducing Stolen Fruit Mixers for Food Friendly Cocktails and MocktailsUsing the fresh pressed juice of green grapes dropped during thinning (verjus) and dried wine grape skins, Stolen Fruit takes what is normally discarded from the winemaking process to create the backbone for each mixer. Concentrated natural juice of a specific grape varietal such as Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier or Grenache, is then blended in along with complimentary fruit and botanicals to build a layered, balanced drink base. Simply add sparkling water and you have a non-alcoholic drink with great dimension. Pair with sparkling wine and/or your favorite spirit and you have a cocktail made for the dinner table – or for enjoyment any time.

From Pisco and aperitif wines to vermouths and single varietal grape juices, grapes have again found a place in the beverage spotlight – beyond wine.  Offering depth, complexity and vibrant flavor, grapes and their juice offer a playful base mixer with endless possibilities.

Introducing Stolen Fruit Mixers for Food Friendly Cocktails and MocktailsCreated by longtime Dry Creek grape growers Doug and Susan Provisor, owners of Provisor Vineyards, and Sonoma County-based Chef Peter Brown, Stolen Fruit lets you create food friendly drinks, with or without alcohol, with ease. These extremely versatile mixers make scrumptious concoctions with as few as two ingredients. In celebration of the summer ahead, the brand is rolling out with five flavors:  Lemongrass Ginger Sauvignon Blanc, Jasmine Juniper Viognier, Hibiscus Grenache, Blood Orange Muscat and Fig Grains of Paradise Zin.

Sonoma County’s unique blend of local bounty and international flavor influence make it a food, wine, and culture destination. Stolen Fruit encompasses this heritage in each bottle and partners with some of the top wineries in Northern California for the grape juice and skins to create an easy-to-use base for cocktails and sodas.

Stolen Fruit Cocktail Mixers ($18) are initially available for purchase online at, where recipes for cocktails, mocktails and food pairings are also available, as well as on Amazon. For media inquiries, please contact Erin Hunt Moore, Verdant PR & Marketing, at