Chef Isaac Toups, Toups Meatery, New Orleans

  • Summer Seafood Boil “A shrimp or crab boil is one of the best communal gatherings we have. It’s messy, sure, but it’s perfect for summer time when you can just jump in the water or hose off after.”
  • Pickled Grilled Pineapple “I will pretty much pickle anything I can get my hands on and love charring the hell out of things so this is a combination of the two and is really tasty. It goes great with grilled sausages and makes an awesome garnish for cocktails.”
  • Southern Comfort Peach Jam “This is great to make in advance and adds a flavor packed element to a charcuterie board. It’s also perfect to elevate those PB&J sandwiches. But don’t sleep on the cocktails! Add the jam to some bourbon and you’ll be thanking me.”

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Chef Brian Landry, Jack Rose in New Orleans & Marsh House in Nashville

  • Grilled Shrimp Ceviche “Shrimp is a gateway seafood and perfect for those that don’t eat a lot of other shellfish. I love making shrimp ceviche during the summer because it’s light, refreshing and packed with flavor. While any shrimp will do, I prefer u-12 white shrimp because they are milder and sweeter.”
  • Everything Ranch Romaine Salad “This is my go-to summer salad because it starts with grilled romaine, which is such an easy way to elevate your lettuce. The seasoning is flavorful and who doesn’t love a good ranch dressing.”

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Chef Sophina Uong, Mister Mao, New Orleans

  • Manila Clams with Summer Stone Fruit Chaat “This is a great Indian-inspired dish that’s perfect for antipasti on a hot summer evening. You can use any seasonal stone fruit (peaches and plums are my favorite) and the clams just speak to summertime.”

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Chef Sam Gorenstein, Abba Telavivian Kitchen, Miami Beach

  • Fattoush Salad “To me, our fattoush salad tastes like summertime in Miami; it’s exactly what I’ve been craving to cool down as it heats up. This salad can be described best as an “everything but the kitchen sink” dish – with lettuce, cucumbers, tomato at the base it’s typical to throw just about any fresh, in-season vegetable you have on hand. Fattoush recipes absolutely vary country by country, though the constant here is always the addition of “fatteh” or pita scraps. The essential ingredient that pulls it together is ground sumac — we use this bright, citrusy spice in our vinaigrette to add an extra zest to the dish.”

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