J.R. Watkins Brings Bold Flavor This Holiday Season

J.R. Watkins Brings Bold Flavor This Holiday Season    J.R. Watkins, the spice, seasoning and extract powerhouse,
introduces gourmet products that bring to life the most on-trend flavors for fall feasts and holiday
celebrations. The natural spices and extracts will make adding fun, seasonal flavors to holiday
cooking simple so the focus can be on enjoying time—and food of course—with family and
friends. The tasty additions will be available nationwide starting August 1 and include Pumpkin
Spice, Creamy Cinnamon Sugar and Garlic Herb Seasoning as well as Pumpkin and Hazelnut
“Consumer tastes are evolving, they’re seeking more variety and the highest-quality ingredients,” J.R. Watkins Brings Bold Flavor This Holiday Season
said J.R. Rigley, President, CMO, J.R. Watkins. “Our mission is to help bring today’s top flavors
to consumers’ tables by fulfilling unmet needs for versatile, multi-purpose and seasonal
J.R. Watkins new gourmet products include:
• Pumpkin Spice (MSRP $5.29): Watkins’ delicious blend combines cinnamon, nutmeg,
ginger and clove. Use this signature flavor to spice up desserts, breads, cookies, sweet
potatoes or squash. A Nielsen Top 20 Flavor*
• Creamy Cinnamon Sugar (MSRP $4.49): This on-trend spice combines Watkins’ Cinnamon
with the sweet, creamy taste of vanilla. Perfect for use in desserts, on toast, pancakes,
French toast, ice cream or coffee and tea. A Nielsen Top 30 Flavor*
J.R. Watkins Brings Bold Flavor This Holiday Season• Garlic Herb Seasoning (MSRP $5.29): A versatile blend and multi-use option for infusing
meals with the rich flavors of garlic powder, onion and a mix of natural herbs. Sprinkle on
chicken, seafood, pasta, potatoes, vegetables and breads.
• Hazelnut Extract, 2 fl oz (MSRP $3.49): The sweet, buttery hazelnut flavor adds a nutty
twist to beverages and baked goods. Perfect in desserts, combined with chocolate, in coffee
or as a vanilla substitute. A Nielsen Top 20 Flavor*
• Pumpkin Spice Extract, 2 fl oz (MSRP $3.49): A nostalgic, autumnal flavor perfect for
cakes, muffins, cookies, sweet breads and coffee. Pumpkin flavor continues to trend in the
food and beverage industry.
As the fastest growing gourmet spice brand, Watkins is continuously developing new products to
meet consumer demands. With the trend of at-home meal preparation going strong, Watkins’
high-quality, seasonally relevant flavors give home cooks ways to fill meal time with exciting new
dishes sure to please the whole family.
All J.R. Watkins Gourmet Spices and Extracts will be available August 1, 2014 at JRWatkins.com
and Walmart.
J.R. Watkins Brings Bold Flavor This Holiday SeasonAbout J.R. Watkins
Founded in 1868, the J.R. Watkins Company has been America’s pioneer in natural living, utilizing only the
finest natural ingredients. The company provides natural, quality brands to meet consumers’ needs for
environmentally friendly and sustainable products—to help people feel better and live healthy lives. J.R.
Watkins products include gourmet spices and extracts, personal care, and home care. The company is
headquartered in Winona, Minn., maintaining its own manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest quality
products at reasonable prices. To learn more about J. R. Watkins products, visit www.jrwatkins.com.