Jägermeister and Post Malone join forces to launch a fully integrated global campaign to help bring life back to nightlife, including a short film tribute to the multitude of local businesses and communities that have been affected over the past year titled “Night Lights.” This multi-channel initiative is the next
phase of Jägermeister’s #SAVETHENIGHT initiative and features exclusive content and
intimate conversations meant to drive global awareness around the cultural significance
of nightlife to local communities.

“Night Lights” was shot by Academy Award-nominated director Zachary Heinzerling
(“Cutie and the Boxer”). In it, Post reflects on moments and interactions sorely missed,
and what it means to him to bring life back to nightlife.

“So many awesome fans and artists have stepped up to support venues and communities
that have been struggling. I’m excited to join the party with Jägermeister and celebrate
music and nightlife across the world.” says Post Malone.

“Now that the night is returning step by step it is important to keep up the momentum
and continue our global support of the nightlife communities worldwide”, says Wolfgang
Moeller, Global CMO of Mast-Jägermeister SE. “With Post Malone as a strong partner at
our side, we can amplify our cause. The Best nights of our lives will come back and they
will give us what we have been missing for so long. Together we want to make a longterm commitment to all creatives that are part of the nightlife communities.”

Post will participate in an exclusive, intimate virtual meet and greet via a Meister Drop in
on the #SAVETHENIGHT platform, giving a few lucky fans the chance to chat with Post.
The award-winning, innovative digital platform on www.save-the-night.com was
designed to connect creators and consumers in a personal manner, allowing for deeper
connection between artists and fans.

With the global initiative #SAVETHENIGHT Jägermeister has been able to support more
than 1,500 artists, creatives and bartenders from more than 60 countries. It raises
awareness for the situation of thousands of creatives as well as the people that deeply
miss going out and celebrating the night. It inspires people all around the world to team
up with Jägermeister. Since nightlife is still severely threatened and these challenges will
not end with the pandemic, #SAVETHENIGHT is set to continue – with a clear message:
Let’s all join forces to save the night.

Through the Meister Fund as part of #SAVETHENIGHT Jägermeister helps artists and
creators so they can craft various forms of art for audiences to book and enjoy on the
platform www.save-the-night.com – from Meister Drop-In’s and Meister Classes to other
entertaining content. Everyone can join #SAVETHENIGHT and stand by the people who
make the night by joining and sharing their performances and tipping the artists.

About Jägermeister
Mast-Jägermeister SE is firmly rooted in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, Germany. Here, and
only here, the company produces Jägermeister, the herbal liqueur with the stag – and
the biggest German spirit brand. First invented over 80 years ago, Jägermeister is based
on a secret recipe of 56 different herbs, flowers and roots. Being sold in 150 countries
Jägermeister is the world’s most successful herbal liqueur.