Jeptha Creed Craft Distillery Mother-Daughter Duo Joyce and Autumn Nethery

Jeptha Creed Craft Distillery Mother-Daughter Duo Joyce and Autumn NetheryJeptha Creed grows or locally sources all of the ingredients used in its spirits, which include a variety of vodkas, moonshines and whiskey (with a bourbon coming in 2019). Joyce is the Master Distiller with a Master’s Degree in chemical engineering from the University of Louisville Speed School, and 15 years experience as a process engineer in industrial scale distillation. Autumn serves as Co-Owner and Marketing Manager of the distillery. She studied distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and obtained a marketing degree from the University of Kentucky. She is the youngest distillery owner in Kentucky and one of the youngest in the country.

Jeptha Creed uses a unique concept referred to as Ground to Glass distilling. Ground to Glass means they have a hand in every aspect of their spirit production starting with planting the crops and ending with distillation using all-natural ingredients from their family farm or other local farms.

Among their unique, natural ingredients is non-GMO, heirloom varietal Bloody Butcher corn. It’s a favorite of the local wildlife who, according to Joyce, quite literally passed through a field of yellow corn to eat the Bloody Butcher. This variety of corn offers a unique, earthy flavor that regular corn does not have. It is open-pollenated and each kernel is a seed that is replanted to produce the same high-quality corn the following year.

Another unique ingredient Jeptha Creed utilizes is the Paw-Paw. The Paw-Paw is a mango-like fruit, that isn’t a grocery store staple because of its extremely short shelf-life. Unless you’re in the right place at the right time, the opportunities to taste one are pretty limited. Jeptha has been able to partner with nearby farms in Paris and Versailles, Kentucky, to source and freeze enough Paw-Paws to use them in their new Brandy recipe – something no other distillery has been able to do.

Jeptha Creed’s focus on naturally sourced and non-GMO ingredients makes their spirits true to flavor and healthier to consume than typical spirits full of artificial flavors and fillers.

One trip to the distillery and it’s clear this was not a concept they built overnight. Every ounce of passion and commitment the Netherys had to offer is present in the distillery itself. Every detail was hand-picked, from the use of all copper-style bar equipment and fixtures, wood counter tops made from trees that fell on the farm, to the placement of antique vehicles around the property as an expression of their interest in antiques. The distillery is bursting with the Netherys personality.

I’ve personally met and worked with Joyce and Autumn and I think their story would be perfect for you. They are passionate about distilling, represent what women empowerment and southern hospitality are all about, and most importantly, they’ll never forget where they came from.

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