Located in The Madrid EDITION, Ian Schrager’s latest luxury urban resort in the bustling Plaza de las Descalzas and accessed through a baroque portal, Jerónimo offers cuisine inspired in the authenticity and generosity of Mexican gastronomy and the excellent quality of Madrid’s local products. True to EDITION’s dedication to outstanding culinary offerings, the restaurant is helmed by famed Mexican chef Enrique Olvera, Santiago Pérez and their exceptional team, who are also responsible for the talent behind a collection of restaurants that includes Pujol in Mexico City, recognised as one of the top ten World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The restaurant itself seats 150 and is a multilayered space with an explosion of colours featuring four distinct areas that seamlessly blend in with each other to create a totally holistic experience and encourages convivial dining in an elevated atmosphere. This leads down to the lounge area which is anchored by a long green marble bar designed for cocktail hour amongst locals and guests alike.

The lunch and dinner menus at Jerónimo offer classic dishes that build a dialogue between Mexico and Spain, casual and substantial plates inspired by local and seasonal produce. This culinary offering never seen before in Madrid, confidently mixes Spanish products with Mexican recipes, showcased through dishes such as the guacamole which is blended with local herbs; prawn gringas cooked pastor style, the choriqueso served with flour tortillas (which are homemade in the kitchen every day) and the char-broiled catch of the day, served with guajillo chilli and lemon mayonnaise. These delights are followed by a dessert menu that features the likes of pumpkin flan drizzled with vermouth caramel, rice pudding topped with cinnamon and the tasty rompope liqueur meringue.


The restaurant’s bar offers a range of mezcal and tequila which take a leading role on the cocktail list and are featured in a selection of delicious and original Margaritas, including one made using Lustau manzanilla and Pierre Ferrand curaçao, another blend that uses Cimarrón tequila and habanero chilli and a drink made with Alipús Santa Ana mezcal.  The unique bar concept also features mezcal and agave tasting sessions accompanied by house pickles and worm salt and exquisite creations like the Sangría Madre –made with Grenache and Syrah grape variety wines, cherry liqueur, grapefruit liqueur and soda water or the Maguey Sour, made with white tequila, Alipús mezcal, Crème de cassis and lemon and the cocktail christened as la Piñata –made using tequila, yellow Chartreus, Campari, pineapple and mandarin.


Breakfast is available for both guests and visitors alike and comes to life at Jerónimo with dishes like huevos rancheros, chilaquiles and enchiladas – made with either red or green salsa and some house winners including enmoladas –made using tortilla, mole sauce, cream and cheese, and a classic sweet bakery selection featuring the unmissable homemade concha (Mexican pastry).


The name, inspired by Spanish painter and sculptor Jerónimo Antonio Gil, founder and director of the Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City, reflects the strong cultural ties shared by Mexico and Spain which Jerónimo encompasses so perfectly in its concept. “The relationship between Mexican and Spanish cuisine is so deep and features so many intricacies that sometimes the characteristics they share go unnoticed. We want to base our menu on the subtlety of these links, using techniques and ingredients that resonate with both of these cuisines, which come from different continents”


The restaurant itself consists of distinct areas which represent different environments, formed of four different sections where an explosion of colours is at the forefront of the interior design. On the one hand, the restaurant features an elegant, high-ceilinged lounge that stands out for its dark carved oak wood panels, inspired by the ornamental visuals of the baroque-style entrance door; its yellow leather chairs and benches which fill the dining room and two striking alabaster and alabaster and plaster hanging lamps created by designer Emmanuel Level Stenne, which hang majestically from the ceiling and feature a design inspired by the sky and celestial planets.


The restaurant’s outdoor terrace –which is still awaiting the announcement of an official opening date– will be located on the spacious Plaza de las Descalzas square and is set to be an inspiring setting to enjoy breakfast while soaking up the morning sun or dinner on a warm summer’s night, offering views of the neighbouring 16th century royal monastery.


Enrique Olvera, a chef with a huge passion for authentic and high-quality products, celebrates his own culture through food that is both honest and constantly evolving. Olvera has also authored a number of books on gastronomy, published internationally. Most recently a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pujol, dedicated in its entirety to its producers. His passion for the preservation of the environment and its biodiversity is reflected across all of the restaurants he owns, including Jerónimo, where the sourcing of ingredients is driven by the seasons and local producers who follow principles of respect and conservation of their environment are championed and prioritised.


Each and every moment or occasion spent at Jerónimo is certain to offer a unique experience grounded in Mexican culinary traditions enjoyed at their finest in the centre of Madrid.



Opening hours:

Breakfast: 7.00-11.00

Lunch: 13.00-16.30

Dinner: 19.00-00.00


For reservations contact: / +34 919-545-440

Prices start at: 65-70€/person


IG: @jeronimo_madrid

Facebook: Jeronimo Restaurante Madrid




EDITION Hotels is an unexpected and refreshing hotel collection which feature one-of-a-kind, personalised and unique spots that shake up the very notion of traditional luxury. Featuring the best cuisine and entertainment and all of the services and facilities “in-house”, each and every EDITION hotel is totally unique and reflects the cultural and social characteristics of its location and time.


Founded by Ian Schrager in partnership with Marriott International, EDITION strikes a balance between a personal and intimate environment which Ian Schrager is renowned for, with the industry experience and presence of Marriott. The authenticity and originality that Ian Schrager brings to the brand, together with the global reach of Marriott International, creates a result which is currently unparalleled anywhere on the market. Each hotel leverages individuality, authenticity, originality and unique spirit to represent the modern-day atmosphere and zeitgeist of its location. While all of the hotels feature a distinct image, the brand’s unified aesthetics are present in its shared focus and attitude towards modern life rather than the design of its locations.


EDITION revolves around its attitude and the way it makes visitors feel rather than through its physical decoration. The sophisticated communal areas, finishes, interior design and fine details found in all of the locations work towards being part of the experience but don’t define it. EDITION offers an experience and lifestyle that explores unprecedented intersectionality and balance conjured up by design, innovation and a consistent and international level of high-quality service for an often-neglected market of culturally informed guests who are connoisseurs of excellent service.

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Enrique Olvera (b. Mexico City, 1976) completed his professional training at New York’s Culinary Institute of America. Upon his return to Mexico, at 24, he opened his flagship restaurant, Pujol, now the base for a wide-ranging and original gastronomic proposal characterised by an obsession for detail; imaginative and ongoing exploration in both selecting and combining ingredients; and a mastery of both traditional and contemporary technique.

Both Pujol and Chef Olvera have been widely recognized, the objects of unceasing attention from varying and prestigious global media.

Every year since 2011, Pujol has ranked on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and currently sits at number-12 globally, last year Pujol also received the Sustainable Restaurant Award in recognition of the way it has redesigned its menu and practices in order to improve its impact on its own environment.

Olvera entered the US market in 2014 with Cosme, in New York; the New York Times named it “Best New Restaurant” for that year. Awards and recognitions soon followed and Cosme is today ranked at number-23 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Atla opened three years later, also in New York. Olvera also helms four Eno restaurant spots in Mexico City (Virreyes, Petrarca, Roma, Museo Jumex and Calle Tokio); is a partner at Criollo, in Oaxaca City, alongside Chef Luis Arellano; and is the creative chef behind the kitchen at Manta, at the Hotel Thompson in Los Cabos. In 2018 he kicked off two new projects: Casa Teo, a space for creative residencies, and Molino El Pujol, a shop that sells tortillas and other products made from fair-trade corn sourced throughout Mexico. The corn-mill doubles as a space for generating content related to the nation’s overall maize culture. Last year, he opened two different restaurants in Los Angeles: Damian and Ditroit. Also in 2020, Carao, a restaurant in One&Only Mandarina, opened its doors on the Riviera Nayarit’s coastline.

Olvera is the author of published volumes Uno (2010), En la milpa (2013), Mexico from the Inside Out (Phaidon, 2015) and Tu Casa Mi Casa: Mexican Recipes for the Home Cook (2013); he is also editor at Boomerang magazine (2015). In addition to his writing on food, sustainability and social responsibility, Olvera has worked as an untiring supporter—in and out of Mexico—of the nation’s culture. Gastronomy has been of particular interest, leading to leadership on projects like Mesamérica—the food congress celebrated in three annual editions, from 2012 to 2014, as well as related events Mesa Redonda and Mesa Abierta (2015). Mesamérica was held this year in Los Angeles, on April 30th, with a wider approach on food, featuring also discussions about society, arts and culture. His efforts have contributed greatly to the nation’s position as one of the planet’s leading food destinations. His passion for conserving Mexico’s natural heritage as well as awareness and respect for its biodiversity is palpable both in his work as a chef as well as in his writerly and promotional endeavours. He has served on the Basque Culinary Centre’s International Assessment Board since 2013.

His most recent editorial project is Veinte a book to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Pujol, was published in March 2020.


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