Joining a Wine Club – The Pros and Cons

Joining any subscription service can be a questionable decision. After all, you may be left wondering if you are saving money, spending more than necessary, and even whether or not the product is worth the monthly subscription fees you are being asked to pay. For your convenience, we have chosen the top pros and cons of winder delivery services to make your decision easier than ever.






The most obvious pro of a wine delivery service is that you have wine delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis. This will likely cut down on your need to visit a wine or liquor store. It can also be good to have a bottle or two of wine on hand in the event that company shows up without warning.




Generally, subscription services tend to be a fair price for the types of products and convenient delivery that you get with the service. Of course some of them will be more expensive and the price of the wine from the retailer should be considered as well. The ultimate answer to this question will boil down to the subscription service you choose to use.


New Experiences


One of the best things about a wine subscription box is that you can get a variety of wines delivered to your home. You can also try things that you may not have been able to try otherwise, things that might be out of your comfort zone. Check out this list to find out the best wine club.




No Returns


You cannot return wine if you get it and do not like it. Since there is obviously no way to try it before you buy it, this means that you could wind up paying a good bit of money for wine that you are not interested in drinking. If this is the case, then you are actually wasting money in the long run.


No Choice


Most wine clubs do not offer their members the ability to make selections regarding which wines are delivered to them each time. Again, this can lead to an overwhelming amount of wine that you do not like. You could give these wines away as gifts, but the ability to make monthly selections for which wines you would like to try to be the best option. If you are interested in this, then there are a few wine clubs that allow members to make selections at this time.


Final Thoughts


As with any choice that a consumer must make in this day of a flooded market, the choice to join a wine club is not really very simple. There are good things about wine clubs and there are things that are not so great, it is ultimately up to you to make the decision about whether the club is up to par with the price that you spend each month. Regardless of what you decide, drinking wine regularly is a great choice for your health.