It is said that the aroma of peppermint has been found to enhance memory. The taste of Kingfish Spirits (Cleveland, OH) new Peppermint CREAM™ flavor is a sure fire way to make a memorable impression to the senses with its alcohol infused, smooth and minty whipped cream confectionary blast.

Inspired by the spirit of the holiday season and the increasing demand for new CREAM flavors, Peppermint CREAM has been introduced to 12 US states and will expand in the New Year to retail outlets, restaurants, bars and clubs in 40 states and beyond−including Canada & South America.

Like all of the popularly palatable CREAM flavors (raspberry, orange, cherry, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and of course−vanilla), Peppermint CREAM has been uniquely formulated to perfection–combining natural and artificial Peppermint flavors with the same proprietary blend of whipped cream ingredients tinged with a perfectly smooth alcohol-infusion (15% ALC-VOL/ 30 Proof).

The non-caffeinated Peppermint CREAM confection offers a stimulatingly sensory Peppermint accent that can be enjoyed on top of mixed drinks, shots, martinis, daiquiris, desserts and coffees, or straight up! Like all CREAM flavors, Peppermint CREAM offers the simple pleasures of traditional whipped cream with grown-up benefits in a versatile, consumer friendly format:

● Each 375 ML aerosol-dispensed can efficiently makes approximately 26 1oz shots of Cream.
● Completely shelf-stable; should be stored and served at room temperature for best results.
● Enduring shelf life; each can (opened or unopened) lasts approximately 9-to-12 months.
PEPPERMINT CREAM-TINI™: A point-of-sale CREAM Recipe Book has also been introduced featuring a delectable cornucopia of CREAM mixology possibilities. A slew of new recipes will be added featuring Peppermint CREAM including the PEPPERMINT CREAM-TINI™ comprised of the following minty mix:
● 1.5-2 oz. Vanilla vodka / 1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps / Peppermint CREAM
● Mix in with plenty of ice / Strain into glass / Drop in a Peppermint / Top with Peppermint CREAM!

Retailing at a suggested $9.99-$12.99 per can and currently sold at licensed liquor, convenience, and grocery stores, as well as restaurants, bars and clubs everywhere−Peppermint CREAM is also available to wholesalers, distributors and retailers in uniquely designed 12 can point-of-sale cases.

CORPORATE PROFILE: CREAM™ is the brainchild of Kingfish Spirits CEO Chris Guiher who began experimenting with the concept for social engagements years ago. Guiher is partnered with Brian Pearson of alcohol marketing firm Pearson & Pearson (Genoa, OH) who had previously created the original Zippers® Gelatin Shots to bring the concept and proprietary formula of CREAM to fruition. After intensive research, development, and testing of the formula and dispersion packaging method, CREAM worked closely with and gained approval from The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to begin producing the product at the Temperance Distilling Company (Temperance, Michigan) in 2010. CREAM has recently expanded its production capabilities in order to meet the rapidly growing demand. Dedicated to ensuring the highest quality sensory experience, CREAM maintains and in-house chemist to ensure quality control checks in production along with R&D for the evolution of future CREAM brand products.
Top off your next party or event with CREAM™! Enjoy CREAM Responsibly! For more detailed information, call: 866-801-5122 or visit the CREAM web site at: