Kiss My Wine

Besa mi vino – a new, clean and sustainable wine brand that is Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten free, with zero grams of sugar and low in sulfites. We are one of a small group of wine brands that are SIP Certified (Sustainable in Practice). In addition, all the energy we use to make our wines at our winery in Paso Robles is generated through the solar panels on our vineyards making us a 100% self-sustainable winery!

The company was launched in 2019 by LA-based brothers Michael and Roddy Radnia. Before starting this endeavor, neither knew much about wine but they did know the industry was lacking “ethically responsible” brands and saw an opportunity to create something that better reflected today’s consumers’ values. They realized there was a need for a sustainable and clean label wine that was organic, vegan and sulfite sensitive. They visited over 100 wineries until they found the exact wine that met their standards.

Available in two award-winning flavors: Just Right White and All Day Rosé, Besa Mi Vino is proud to be:

• Grown from 100% Organic Grapes
• Vegan (naturally refined without Gelatin, Casein or other animal byproducts)
• Gluten-Free (we doesn’t use additives like hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate or flour paste during the aging process)
• Sulfite Sensitive (We use the lowest level of sulfites possible to prevent spoilage and bacterial contamination. Our wine sulfite level is certified to have less than 100 parts per million (ppm) vs.  the limit of 350 ppm in conventional wines.)

Tasting Notes

• Refreshing, bright and pink. A crisp and dry finish, with aromatics of ripe strawberry, red berries, and fresh sage.

Just Right White
• Light and bright finish with aromatics of jasmine flowers, fresh yellow peach, and a lil fizzy.

$34 for a 6 pack

Available now at select Northern California Safeways and in 300 stores throughout California; also available at VeggieGrill locations nationwide and online at