Know some good food ideas which can be served in a casino

Casinos are places where serious people go to try their hand at winning over Lady Luck – isn’t it? Then why is there such a big noise about the food? Consider the fact that people spend long hours at the casino playing game after game. So, they require enough energy boosting food to concentrate on the game. Further, munching finger foods also keeps players relaxed. If you go to a great casino, you will find a wide spread of menu served.

Planning a party can be quite a challenging task. A unique way of organizing a casino party is to create the proper casino ambience right in the living room. While arranging the decoration for the party is not so difficult, choosing the right kind of casino food is of prime importance in a casino-themed party. Here the food served instils the feeling of being in a casino and the participants get engrossed in the revelry typical of a brick and mortar casino.

So, here are some of the food ideas for a casino party.


Buffets are one of the best ways to satisfy the guest as they can splurge as they wish. The buffet spread will vary according to the budget and the type of the party.

Basic Buffet: To start with simple but delicious items could be chosen to form a basic buffet to keep down the budget. The spread could have cheese sticks, fish sticks, chicken wings, French fries along with a variety of dipping sauces.

Gourmet Buffet: Basic buffets may not satisfy players frequenting big casinos. Here gourmet food is required. Elated gamblers, who feel that they have had the blessing of the Lady Luck will be in a mood to celebrate with food. So, for them the table spread could comprise lobster cheese puffs, mini turkey meatballs, stuffed mushrooms and cheesy bacon bites.

However, to get the real casino feel, setting up the table with watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe in the shape of clubs and spades cards and sandwiches shaped as diamond or hearts could be quite inspiring.

Seafood Buffet: Many casinos serve seafood buffets. If it is a private casino party, then choosing seafood should be done bearing in mind the cost involved, as seafood is quite expensive. In a seafood buffet the fare could comprise shrimp popper, shrimp rolls, shrimp cocktails and fried shrimps along with chili carbs, crab curry, crab cake, crab Rangoon and lobster thermidor. In addition help the taste buds with savory dipping sauces.

Dessert Buffet: Dessert buffet can be arranged to add to the delicious foods. A dessert buffet can have items such as, cheesecake pups, dipped ice cream sandwiches, frosty strawberry pops, fudge brownies, apple tarts (decorated like cards).


Casino-parties could have a combination of buffets and trays of finger foods. In a casino the players engrossed in the game could enjoy being served with some finger foods as they play. Here are some ideas.

Prime Rib: Prime-ribs are very popular as a casino-party menu. These can be served either as thick slices or cut into small chunks and served at the table.

Dried Beef: Dried Beef is called by different names in America and South Africa. However, irrespective of the name, it tickles every taste bud as a party table food. It is also a great energy booster.

Pretzel Sticks: Not all casinos allow players to have food at the table. However, in case it is permitted then a bowl of pretzel sticks will keep the players busy munching while playing their favorite games.

Cheese and Crackers:  For a small casino party one may not be inclined to indulge in an elaborate menu. Here cheese and crackers could be the best choice topped up with varieties of cheese and add-ons like smoked salmon, cocktail tomatoes and cucumber.

Romesco Topped Potato Bites: This is a great item to be included in the menu for a casino party as guests enjoy small potato bites while playing games. It is a treat when topped with Italian style herbs, fine ham and cured tomato.

Shrimp Cocktails: Although this item has a place in the seafood buffet, it is also a great table food. While shrimp popcorns are too greasy to eat while playing, shrimp cocktails are easy to eat.

Diced Cheese balls: Converting a simple cheese ball into a casino-themed food adds to the ambience. Two pre-made cheese balls are pressed to form a cube and olive dots are put on their sides to make them look like huge dice.

Deviled Eggs and Country Ham: This is a delicious American style dish for a casino party. The recipe contains goat cheese, Dijon mustard, and cornichons, crunchy pickles.

Domino Brownies: To add to the casino theme domino brownies is an item that cannot be overlooked. Brownies are baked and cut into rectangular shapes while still hot. Then chocolate chips are pressed into them in a variety of patterns to look like dominos.

It is a good idea to keep some vegan items on the menu as the popularity of vegan food is on the rise.

Spicy glazed Popcorn Broccoli: It is amazing how a simple broccoli could be transformed as a spicy, sticky and utterly delicious item.

Crunchy Baked Eggplant Bites: Eggplant is one of the best choices for a vegan dish as it is both healthy and delicious. This is a recipe, which creates mouth watering crunchy baked eggplant bites served with marinara dipping sauce.

Mushroom and Walnut Pâté: Walnuts and mushrooms is an amazing combination. The crunch of the walnuts and the meat-like texture of the mushroom make it a delicious dish for everybody.

Slot Machine Fruit: The food that goes well at the poker table is not necessarily a great idea for the slot machine. Here fruits like cherries, grapes, plums and melons go well served chilled and sprinkled with sugar.

Casino-themed Beverages: Well-planned casino parties must have the right kind of drinks as a part of the party menu. This may include Lady Luck (blue curacao, dry gin, orange juice), Poker face (tequila, pineapple juice, triple sec, twist of lemon), Snake eyes (apple martini), Wild Card (kamikaze shots), and Face Card (Malibu and pineapple juice).