La Marzocco International Appoints Guido Bernardinelli as New CEO

La Marzocco International Appoints Guido Bernardinelli as New CEOLa Marzocco, world leader in espresso machine innovation since 1927, is pleased to announce on behalf of the La Marzocco international (LMI) Board, the appointment of Guido Bernardinelli as the Chief Executive Officer of La Marzocco International, LLC.  Bernardinelli has been the Managing Director of La Marzocco SRL in Italy for the past 8 years.

La Marzocco International Appoints Guido Bernardinelli as New CEO
Guido Bernardinell

“As a long term, pivotal member of the management team, Guido has been instrumental in developing and executing the company’s long-term strategic goals. This leadership transition represents a significant milestone in advancing La Marzocco’s legacy into the future. This new appointment recognizes Guido’s continued commitment in leadership to La Marzocco. I am confident in his experience, vision and passion for growing the company. I believe that he will continue to lead and advance our brand, culture and international team,” states Kent Bakke, former La Marzocco International C.E.O.

After an exploratory trip to Florence in 1978, Bakke began importing La Marzocco espresso machines and developed the market in the United States. For over 40 years, Bakke has championed espresso machine innovation through his role at La Marzocco. He will remain involved as a Board Member and advisor.

Guido’s involvement in the company, which began in 2002, has played a vital role in the growth of La Marzocco’s heritage and culture related to product development and innovation, opening branch offices worldwide and addressing the next generation of La Marzocco employees and partners.

“My most respectful and honored feelings go to the board and longtime friend and mentor, Kent Bakke, for my evolved position at La Marzocco. I gratefully take on this new responsibility. I am confident that my 20-year expertise and global market understanding shall perpetuate our predecessors’ achievements and foreknowledge of the coffee community,” affirms Guido Bernardinelli.

Most recently, Bernardinelli directed the global 90th anniversary celebration and campaign. La Marzocco International is pleased to see its cultural inheritance proceed forward across all levels and locations with this new move in leadership and extends its congratulations and support to the new CEO.

About La Marzocco
Named for the symbol of Florence, Italy – the seated lion – La Marzocco has been the leader in espresso machine innovations since 1927. For the last 90 years, each La Marzocco espresso machine has been assembled by hand in Florence, Italy, and today La Marzocco espresso machines can be found in the finest cafes and restaurants around the world. A shared passion for tradition and the search for quality and superior reliability continue to distinguish the company. In addition to its commercial offerings, La Marzocco also extends to the home with La Marzocco Home, through which coffee enthusiasts can explore the craft and science of espresso, using the highest quality, professional-grade equipment designed for the home. In 2016, La Marzocco launched the La Marzocco Café that showcases a different coffee company from around the world every month in Seattle Center in the United States. @lamarzocco