Labor Day Weekend Food Idea-Philly’s Oldest Water Ice Company


Rosati Ice sells the largest retail container of ice, which is proving to be a hit at the beach, mountains or backyard

Labor Day Weekend Food Idea-Philly’s Oldest Water Ice Company(Philadelphia, PA)  A small cup of Italian ice is nice, but when you’re bringing family and friends to the beach, mountains or backyard barbecue, a larger size for the summer is more convenient.  That’s the thinking behind Rosati Ice’s 2 quart Party Pail, the largest container of water ice available to consumers at retail this summer, according to Rich Trotter, the man who created it.  Trotter, who is CEO of Rosati ice, the nation’s oldest water ice company, observes that the Rosati Ice Party Pail has become one of the leading frozen dessert products at Acme Markets, indicating that consumers agree.

But size isn’t the only thing that is important to this product’s success.

Says Trotter, “size matters, but our real secret is that Rosati Ice is the only Italian ice product that has scoopability right from the freezer.”  Scoopability is Rosati Ice’s word for being able to comfortably scoop the product no matter how cold it is coming from the freezer.  Rosati’s unique “scoopability” formula is a closely guarded secret, developed by Rosati Ice’s V.P. Of Great Taste, Al Everetts.

Rosati Ice 2 quart Party Pails are available in Classic Cherry, Classic Rainbow (cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry), Mango, Root Beer and American Hero (strawberry lemonade).  All Rosati products are made with natural sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Rosati Ice’s American Hero flavor was developed to salute America’s troops and first responders.  A portion American Hero profits is donated to the

non-profit SoldierStrong, a national organization that provides technologically advanced rehabilitation devices to severely injured veterans.

In this region, Rosati Ice Party Pails are sold by Acme Markets and Weis Markets.

Rosati Ice was founded in 1912 by Sam Rosati, an Italian immigrant who made his first Italian ices cranked by hand in the basement of his West Philadelphia home.  The company grew and Sam soon became known as “The King of Water Ice,” having his popular ices sold from horse drawn wagons throughout the city and at the New Jersey shore.  In the mid 50’s, the company moved to its current headquarters in Clifton Heights, PA and management was taken over by Sam’s daughter Rosemary and her husband Jim Salomone.  In 1997, the company was sold to Rich Trotter, its current owner.  The company is America’s oldest Italian Ice manufacturer.