Lamb Jam Master Named at 2016 Lamb Jam Finale in New York City

Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly of The Honey Paw Wins “Lamb Jam Master” at 2016
Lamb Jam Finale in New York City

Lamb Jam Master Named at 2016 Lamb Jam Finale in New York Citywinning chefs from this year’s Seattle, Austin, Boston, Washington D.C., and San Francisco Lamb Jams put their prize-worthy lamb dishes to the test in the bid for the title of “Lamb Jam Master.”

Lamb Jam Master Named at 2016 Lamb Jam Finale in New York City
The American Lamb Board hosts winners of the 2016 Lamb Jam Global Flavors Tour to prepare dinner at the James Beard House in Greenwich Village. CREDIT: Clay Williams

Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly and his team from The Honey Paw in Portland, Maine took home the trophy for their Smoked Lamb Khao Soi with Egg Noodle, Burmese Coconut Curry, Fermented Mustard Greens, Crispy Noodle and Lime dish.

Earlier this spring, The Honey Paw took home three awards during Boston’s local Lamb Jam, winning “Best in Show”, “Best Asian” and “People’s Choice” awards for their Smoked Lamb Khao Soi.

“Having the opportunity to cook at the James Beard House and sharing a kitchen with other incredibly talented chefs from around the country was awesome,” said Chef Thomas Pisha-Duffly. “I’m really proud of my team and all they did to ensure our lamb dish was a success. This win wouldn’t have been possible without the real stars of the competition, Lisa and Phil Webster of North Star Sheep Farm, who make our jobs easier by raising quality local lamb.”Lamb Jam Master Named at 2016 Lamb Jam Finale in New York City

In addition to taking home a trophy (and bragging rights) Chef Pisha-Duffly also walked away with $1,000, which will go towards his participation in Chefs Cycle benefitting No Kid Hungry.

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