The Leader in Single Serve “capsules” & “Pods”

The Leader in Single Serve “capsules” & “Pods”CAFENA, first established in Toronto, was founded to offer Gourmet coffee to customers looking for more variety in their choices , all at a reasonable price. We believe in offering high quality, excellent tasting espresso along with friendly, first class customer service and a seamless ordering process. is a website run by coffee lovers and dedicated to providing our customers a fun place to shop for their coffee and tea needs. Our goal at is to provide an exceptional online shopping experience and become the one-stop shopping source for all your single serve coffee needs.

Our motto is Fresh Roasted Coffee & Single Serve. Single Serve coffees mean more than just Nespresso®. Single Serve is the industry word for making or brewing 1 cup of coffee or tea at a time, rather than a whole pot. Single Serve coffees have become an industry standard and very popular with coffee drinkers, both at work and at home. Single Serve “capsules” & “Pods” have become the leader in the way the world drinks coffee.