Canned cocktails, the next big trend?


The Makers of Scrappy’s Bitters Elevate the Canned Cocktail

Canned cocktails, the next big trend?Introducing Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails. The company that created the bartender favorite, Scrappy’s Bitters, now has three “true” ready-to-drink canned cocktails to offer. The Bramble, Daiquiri and Paloma are made with real spirits, rather than malt or other fermented alcohols, and a touch of effervescence for craft cocktail quality to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

The name “Half-Seas” is inspired by a 1700’s sailor term, “half–seas over,” which is said to originate from the notion of a heavy-laden ship, so low in the water that small waves, or half-seas, wash over the deck. This term is known to represent the leisure and pleasure of imbibing, and Half-Seas sparkling cocktails provide just the same.Canned cocktails, the next big trend?

The canned variations are balanced, refreshing, and simple, while delivering a unique beverage experience through champagne level 30psi carbonation level; a unique trait for the canned format that cannot be recreated at a bar. As three commonly recognizable drinks, the newly announced sparkling canned varieties are quality craft cocktails, both elevated and convenient. Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails are made from the finest ingredients including premium spirits, bitters, mixers, modifiers and pure cane syrup.

  • The Bramble is a cocktail created in 1980’s London and the original brings together dry London gin, berries, and citrus.  The Half-Seas Bramble pays tribute to that original recipe with the added touch of effervescence.
  • As one of the most popular cocktails in the world, the Daiquiri’s ingredients of rum, water, lime and sugar is replicated in the Half-Seas sparkling variety. Half-Seas elevates this classic, known as the British sailor’s “grog” of the 1700’s, with an added twist of bubbles sure to be a favorite for cocktail connoisseurs and others alike.
  • The Paloma, the well-known tequila-based drink of Mexico, is even more globally recognized than the margarita. Half-Seas takes this traditional cocktail a step further with Half-Seas own all-natural grapefruit soda for a personalized touch and delicious twist.

At 12% alc/vol in 200ml cans, these cocktails are close in proportion and strength to a cocktail you would receive at a bar. Available Nationwide. Suggested retail price:$16-$20 per 4-pack.