Levy Restaurant Names Executive Chef for Disney Springs Location

Levy Restaurant and Terralina Crafted Italian, an upscale-casual Italian eatery located in the heart of Disney Springs, has officially promoted Chef Claudio Daggio to Executive Chef. With his culinary expertise stemming from the multicultural kitchens of his Italian-Mexican family, to an education at MID Florida Culinary Institute, and invaluable experiences shared by a multitude of great chefs he’s worked with, Executive Chef Claudio Daggio will deliver unparalleled Italian culinary experiences for every guest who walks through Terralina’s doors.


Born in Mexico City, Daggio and his family relocated to Orlando in September 2000, drawn by its picturesque nature, cultural mélange, and tranquil beauty that had become familiar and loved during their yearly vacations. This setting became a catalyst for Daggio, not only enhancing his appreciation for varied cuisines but also nurturing his burgeoning culinary talent.


At Terralina, Daggio will lead the team where they will view each dish as a unique, multidimensional piece of art that guests can visually appreciate, savor, and indulge in, every sense engaged and invigorated. His cooking style elegantly fuses modern methodologies with Mediterranean and Latin influences, paying homage to his vibrant cultural roots.

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Away from the bustling kitchens, Daggio immerses himself in various forms of art – whether strumming a melody, capturing moments through his lens, crafting designs, or merely being engrossed in admiring masterful artworks. These moments of tranquility and exploration further fuel his creativity, reflected in his innovative and delicious creations. He also enjoys time spent with his fiancée Kristen and their 4-month-old son, Aelyx Ren, encapsulating a familial love that translates vividly into his dishes. He also admires esteemed culinary virtuosos such as Masaharu Morimoto, Grant Achatz, Massimo Bottura, Ferran Adria, and Enrique Olvera, who have significantly influenced his culinary philosophy and techniques, weaving through his own creations in the kitchen.