BMI – Live Music Sets the Mood for Customers

Live Music Sets the Mood for Customers to Eat, Drink and Socialize as They Spend More in Restaurants and Bars

BMI – Live Music Sets the Mood for CustomersThere’s no denying that music makes us happy given the number of people with earbuds listening to it on the street, and the fact that you’ll hear it playing softly, and sometimes not so softly, in the background of almost every business across the country and beyond. But now recent studies by Leger, The Research Intelligence Group, in conjunction with BMI, take that fact even further by confirming that consumers eat, drink and spend more when live music is played in a bar or restaurant. Out of the more than 2,200 Americans1 surveyed, 93% said that the right song has the power to change their mood or make their day, and 87% consider music to be an important part of their daily routine.

BMI – Live Music Sets the Mood for CustomersThat good feeling continues for consumers when live music is a part of their drinking and dining experience. Specifically, among the prime customer-base of respondents 18-49 years-old²:

  • 85% enjoy their bar or restaurant experience more when live music is performed.
  • 83% are more likely to return to an establishment with live music, as opposed to one without.
  • 82% would recommend a bar or restaurant with live music to their friends.

Other findings show that 80% of customers will stay longer in a bar or restaurant if there is live music, while 70% will spend more on food and drinks. That’s seven out of 10 customers continuing to fill up establishments with bigger tabs further into the day or night.

The survey also confirms what many BMI licensees have stated via the associations the Company works with closely: Since music is so important to consumers, it’s important to hundreds of thousands of businesses because it keeps them in the running for attracting those consumers as their customers.

Case in point? BMI recently took part in sponsoring the 3rd Annual Island Hopper Festival in Southwest Florida by booking BMI songwriters to perform at local BMI-licensed hotels, restaurants, and bars.  The event brought thousands of music lovers to area businesses during what is usually considered off-season. General Manager of Matanzas on the Bay and Petey’s Upper Deck, Glen Petrarca, now knows firsthand that music brings value to his business. He said, “This unique opportunity for our guests to enjoy premier songwriters was the talk of the town and drove in business to our restaurant and inn. This event is a great way to unite the interests of the songwriters and restaurants.”

The owners of Jensen’s Twin Palm Resort and Marina in Captiva Island, FL, concurred, saying, “As a small business, music plays an important part in providing our customer a happy atmosphere within our busy resort and marina. Being a partner with BMI assures us that songwriters are able to support themselves and will continue to provide us with these sweet sounds.”

BMI wants to keep the music playing for all businesses. That’s why we license it – so that songwriters can earn a living and continue to write the music we all eat, drink, socialize to, and enjoy.

1 A survey of 2244 Americans was completed online between May 17-24, 2016. A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error of +/-2.1%, 19 times out of 20.

² Out of 2,244 Americans surveyed, 1,334 were between the ages of 18-49.

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