LiveDeal Inc., to Release Apple iOS and Android Apps to Keep Pace with Its Growing Mobile User Base

LiveDeal Inc., to Release Apple iOS and Android Apps to Keep Pace with Its Growing Mobile User is an innovative platform using geo-location to enable restaurants to communicate and publish ‘real-time’ and instant offers to nearby consumers. The company recently announced that it will release Apple iOS and Android apps of its popular to keep pace with a growing mobile user base. The native mobile applications are near completion and are scheduled to be released by the end of the first quarter.

10 ways LiveDeal is different than (and taking on) Groupon and LivingSocial

No pre-payment – Diner’s deal directly with the restaurant
Consumers never have to pre-pay for deals found on because diners transact with the restaurant directly. No more worrying about expiring vouchers or pre-payments.

Deals are instant – from ‘bulk’ buying to ‘instant’ buying
LiveDeal is dynamic with deals going online in real-time, which means hungry diners can take advantage of these deals immediately. It’s not uncommon for other Daily Deal websites to take up to three months at times to feature a restaurant’s promotion on their site.

No Inbox overload
Unlike Daily Deal companies like Groupon and LivingSocial, LiveDeal doesn’t flood the Inboxes of users with random deals.

It’s 100% free – no commission fee!
Restaurants don’t get squeezed out of their profits because restaurants are not charged a ‘middleman’ fee. Since no fees are paid to, restaurants can pass along the savings to consumers.

LiveDeal Inc., to Release Apple iOS and Android Apps to Keep Pace with Its Growing Mobile User BaseReduced deal administration
Restaurant owners and managers are some of the busiest people in business, which is why LiveDeal designed the service to be as simple as possible to operate and manage.

Restaurants have full control of the deal flow
Unlike Groupon and LivingSocial, LiveDeal’s Daily Deal platform gives restaurants full control and flexibility to instantly publish customized offers whenever they wish to attract customers. Whether it’s Tuesdays from 12-6pm or Thursday and Fridays from 3-9pm, now puts the restaurants in complete control over when they want to run special offers and entice customers.

No minimum discount
Restaurants have full control of the amount of discount they can offer diners and experiment to find out what works best to drive traffic though LiveDeal.

Traffic control
Restaurants control the number of redeemable vouchers available to users on any specific run period. Perfect to attract the right number of customers based on the restaurants’ number of reservations, available staff, etc. This eliminates the periodically reported ‘horror stories’ about other daily deal companies that flood the merchant with deeply discounted coupons.

Instant deal publishing
Restaurants gain access to an incredibly powerful online deal dashboard where they can create and publish a deal to nearby consumers within two minutes.

Solely focused on restaurants
LiveDeal is entirely focused on the $660 Billion dollar US restaurant business with ultimate plans to expand worldwide.

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