Local Hive™ Launches Sweet Grass Roots & National Initiatives to Help Increase 100% U.S. Honey Usage in Support of Local American Beekeepers and Communities

Supporting local communities and purchasing natural, raw & unfiltered honey from over 150 local American beekeepers from coast to coast, Local Hive™ has launched grassroots and national initiatives to help increase awareness of the importance of the American Beekeeper while encouraging shoppers to purchase 100% USA only honey. Most people may not know where their honey comes from or be aware of its many benefits.

Did you know that the majority of the honey sold in stores today is foreign sourced or a blend of honey from the U.S. and as other countries?  Well, imagine the impact that has on American Beekeepers and local communities. It is getting harder and harder for them to sell their honey, in addition to having a negative impact on U.S. agriculture, as they consider closing honey producing operations and abandoning the beekeeping business.

Founded in 1924, Local Hive™ is one of the oldest raw & unfiltered honey companies in America and is harvested from independent and family owned beekeepers in states all across the U.S. Every bottle of honey illustrates the location of each locally sourced batch of nectar.  The result? Much like fine wine, each bottle of honey imparts distinct, naturally sweet flavors unique to the geographical home of every beehive. Local Hive™ offers over 20 distinctive varietals of local honey specific to states and regions across America.

Beyond exquisite taste and supporting local American beekeepers, the mission of Local Hive™ is to educate all consumers on the vital need to protect bees and pollinators. About 90 percent of all wild flowering plants and 75 percent of all food crops rely upon pollination to survive and thrive.

Local Hive™ is proud to share:

  • Engaging the public: 2020 has been a challenging year for millions sheltering at home during the Pandemic, and Local Hive™ has engaged consumers on creative ways to use the honey in their pantries.

o   Chef Videos offers simple-to-create honey recipes by partnering with local chefs across the U.S.

o   Local Hive™ Baking Challenge engaged home-cooks across the nation in a social media contest with incredibly surprising results! The winning recipes are featured here: Baking Challenge Winners

o   Hive Honey Do’s campaign on Facebook & Instagram showcased unique ways to use honey including: raw honey & coconut oil facemask, honey & lavender simple syrup, honey peanut butter pup ice cream, honey bubble bath, honey hair mask, honey & avocado popsicles, as well as other creative recipes.

  • Supporting American Beekeepers

o   Local Hive™ website features enhanced content and videos in Supporting American Beekeepers

o   Packaging update featuring new top sticker callout in Support of American Beekeepers

o  Local Hive™ blog and messaging around what you can do to help American Beekeepers Local Bees Could Use Some Help

  • Protecting the Bees:

o   For the past 3 years, Local Hive™ has donated a portion of proceeds from every bottle sold to non-profit PACE (Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education) to help protect the safeguarding of bees and all pollinators. Beyond the Bee

o   Seeds for Bees: Local Hive™ is planting bee-friendly wildflowers across the U.S. to help local bees, beekeepers, farmers and communities A Tiny Seed and a Little Bee

  • Staff retention during pandemic: With a ‘never give up’ American spirit, the company has retained all staff and increased their honey purchasing from local American beekeepers
  • Retail news: Local Hive Honey™ has almost doubled their distribution points across the U.S. over the last year, introducing their products into several Retailer’s, including Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway, Ahold/Delhaize banners, Walmart, Meijer, ShopRite, BJ’s Wholesale, Whole Foods, Sprouts and the U.S. Armed Forces Commissaries, to name a few.
  • Direct to Consumer ecommerce sales are booming as seen in their 2020 online sales to accounts like Amazon and directly from their website.
  • Webby Award Winner for 2020 for the Local Hive Website work done by award winning Agency, Johnson & Sekin out of Dallas, Texas
  • Fastest Growing Honey Brand on Facebook and Instagram with engaging content on a daily basis.
  • Local Hive™ Blog, featuring hive to table engagement is helping empower the company and all honey lovers

“Tony Landretti – Local Hive™ CEO, states, “Supporting American Beekeepers, their families, and the communities in which they operate, in order for us to procure quality local honey from across the United States for shoppers to enjoy, is core to who we are as a company.  We recognize the importance of the American Beekeeper to our ecosystem and know shoppers want transparency with their food.  Working directly with these beekeepers allows for us to support American families while giving customers a unique experience with Local Hive™ products.”

About Local Hive™

Colorado based honey producer, Local Hive™ has been in the honey business since 1924.  They offer over 20 different varietals of local, raw & unfiltered honey, which are as unique as the areas from which they’re harvested. Whether color, taste, or texture, each floral source brings something new to the table. But one thing always stays the same: everything’s local, raw & unfiltered, and sourced exclusively from American Beekeepers. Just local honey, from coast to coast.