Lola’s Lumpia is Introducing Fast Casual Filipino Food to Downtown Brooklyn

Lola’s Lumpia is Introducing Fast Casual Filipino Food to Downtown Brooklynlumpia, pronounced (loom-pi-ya), is essentially the Filipino version of a spring roll – similar in style to Chinese egg rolls, Vietnamese Chả giò, and Thailand’s Popiah. Lola’s Lumpia is a new restaurant founded by first-generation Filipino American twins and their spouses. The four Brooklynites come from the design and advertising industry–working with many restaurants and food brands–and wanted to focus on a lumpia-only menu. “This is our first restaurant, and we wanted to do one thing really well. New York City is so diverse in food and cultures, and we’re excited to contribute to the boom that Filipino cuisine is finally experiencing, similar to Vietnamese and Thai food in recent years,” said Co-founder Glenn Pajarito.

Crafting Real Foods
Their Lola, which means grandmother in Tagalog (the most-spoken dialect in the Philippines next to English), created the recipes. Glenn’s wife Alison created three original sauces that pair with each of the lumpias. Kristine’s husband Jess Andrews has enhanced the recipes for a modern palate. “I’ve always been passionate about food and its role in culture, as well as its ability to bring people together,” said Jess.

Lola’s Lumpia is Introducing Fast Casual Filipino Food to Downtown Brooklyn
Lola’s Lumpia

Patty Kan, Director of Marketing & Event Programming for DeKalb Market Hall said, “DeKalb Market Hall is thrilled to welcome our first POP UP vendor, Lola’s Lumpia for the entire month of June. Brooklyn has such diverse tastes and a Filipino inspired spring roll each with their own unique sauces based off of their Lola’s recipes, will be the most delicious addition to our food family.”

Lola’s Lumpia will be open during the month of June in DeKalb Market Hall in Downtown Brooklyn at 445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201, while they look for a permanent home for the restaurant.

About Lola’s Lumpia:
Opening in June, Lola’s Lumpia fries up the Filipino version of a spring roll in three varieties, each paired with their own unique sauce. This is Lola’s first restaurant, founded by four creative professionals based on their Lola’s recipes. The partners started the business rooted in the insight that people love variety, and lumpia is a sharable food that is perfect to pair with the other foods available at DeKalb Market Hall. And they believe in one universal truth: everyone loves Lumpia, most people just don’t know it yet.

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