Louis Rylant is proud new owner of WildCat Pizza in Durham, NH

Louis Rylant is an entrepreneur, auto executive, and restauranteur who is looking to bring some flavor to New England.  After taking over the famous Sea Basket restaurant in Wiscassett, ME in the summer of 2016, he also recently opened the 1750 Taphouse in Bedford, NH, in July 2018 and is looking to open another restaurant in Southern, NH.

New England restauranter Louis Rylant is the proud new owner of Wildcat Pizza in Durham, NH.  According to Rylant, “Being in Durham and a part of the UNH community is a special thing for me, my family, and our employees. We are excited to truly know what it means to be a Wildcat.” Louis graduated from UNH in 2000 and happy to be part of UNH community again.

Wildcat Pizza has everything Durham residents would want from terrific pizza to calzones and subs. Local Durham residents can expect to hear more about the restaurant, as Rylant and his staff plan on being very active in the community, participating in local charities and events. Local sports teams looking for sponsorship should also knock on the door.

WildCat Pizza is located at 3 Mayburry Rd right in the heart of Durham. All of the menu items are made fresh and ready to go and the team at Wildcat Pizza is looking forward to seeing you there soon.