Made For Drink Snacks Makes Its Move Into Fine Wine Society

Made For Drink Snacks Makes Its Move Into Fine Wine SocietyMade for Drink has upped the ‘snacking ante’ with a growing number of the UK’s most visionary fine wine and on trade establishments THE WINE SOCIETY, ROTHSCHILDS OF WADDESDON MANOR & THE CONNAUGHT WINE CELLARS coming on board with the Berkshire’s artisanal snacking provider’s bold agenda vision to couple best-in-class snacks: Chorizo Thins (Red Wine), Duck Fritons (IPA) & Mangalitza Salami Chips (Fruity Pilsners)with your favourite alcoholic tipples

This young, award-winning Berkshire business originally launched its vision at THE FAT DUCK & RICK STEIN GROUP in 2017, has long championed the belief that there’s an uncomfortable disconnect between that nation’s revitalized on-trade scene and their expanding menu of micro-brewery beers, craft spirits (gin, rum….) and well-rounded fine wines and their dour, humdrum snacking offer (potato crisps & nuts) .

Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone has lone suggested that the time was ripe for a new breed of best-in-class snacks that pair perfectly with your favorite alcoholic tipples, mind-blowing nibbles inspired by best snacking practices gathered from around the world that make any pub and bar gathering of friends and family that little extra special

Don’t get me wrong concludes Dan, I’m as partial to a pint of lager and packet of crisps as anybody, but sometimes there’s a need for top-drawer snacks that complement not overpower your favorite beverage.

Earlier this Summer Made for Drink launched its first rum-centric snack Patacones, a twice-fried plantain bite that’s been generously seasoned in salt, chili and a selection of traditional spices.

In the UK Made for Drink is enthusiastically championed by Purple Pilchard.