Making Cold Brewed That is Truly “Cold Brewed”

Making Cold Brewed That is Truly “Cold Brewed”An Independently owned 100% Organic Juice Company challenges the bigger players with new, better version of Blended Cold Brewed Coffees. “Cold Brewed” doesn’t always mean “cold.” What many drink companies making the “Cold Brewed” claim doesn’t tell you is that more often than not, their “cold brew is heat pasteurized prior to bottling. When Columbia Gorge Organic decided to launch a Cold Brewed coffee line, owners Jimmy and Ronny Stewart wanted an “honest to goodness” Cold Brew Coffee. “We live in the Northwest, we know good coffee. If you brew coffee cold, it makes a less acidic, full-bodied cup. When you apply heat, you lose that. Our goal was to make a real, blended cold brewed coffee and never apply heat in any part of the process for the cold brewed coffee.”

Columbia Gorge Organic teamed up with a local coffee roaster to create a line of unique, blended Cold Brew Coffees. They start with a special selection of premium, locally roasted beans, blended for a coffee that is mildly fragrant with a hint of citrus, followed by deep cacao flavors and a rich finish. The line has 3 flavors, Latte, French Vanilla, and Mocha. The blended coffees are artfully crafted with pasteurized organic milk, fair trade organic vanilla or chocolate and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and stevia. After bottling, the coffee drinks with milk are treated with a “high hydrostatic pressure” that ensures safety without the use of any heat. From the Columbia Gorge Organic Farm to store fridge, the Cold Brew starts cold and stays cold to deliver stunning flavor.

Since 1989, Columbia Gorge Organic has been growing, packing, and delivering 100% organic fruit and juices from their 180 acre farm in Hood River, OR. Columbia Gorge Organic is the original 100% organic juice company, and is still the only small-farm, family operated, 100% organic juicing facility with national distribution.

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