Marley Family And Ca’ Momi Announce Inaugural Wine Release

Marley Family And Ca’ Momi Announce Inaugural Wine ReleaseThe Marley Family, whose powerful roots in music, food and lifestyle goods teams up with Napa Valley-based winemakers Ca’ Momi for their first-ever wine release in Marley ‘Rainbow’ Country White Wine.

The Marley Family has carried forward for generations the traditions of family, music, health, healing and environmental stewardship. While predominantly based in the entertainment industry, numerous members of the family have expanded the Marley name to include not only music, but now an expansive array of eco-conscious culinary and personal-care items, lifestyle goods, and a growing line of cannabis products.

Marley Family And Ca’ Momi Announce Inaugural Wine ReleaseThe partnership between Marley & Ca’ Momi began through conversation and connection, as the two families discovered their synergy; each steeped in strong heritage and distinct cultural identity. Where this connection strengthened was in the values each family held dear; having both come from modest beginnings to build successful, family-run organizations with a focus on the preservation of culture, environmental stewardship, and the delivery of responsible, quality products.

To further the philanthropic spirit of their partnership, the Marley ‘Rainbow’ Country White Wine will support the efforts of Farm Up Jamaica, a non-profit formed to assist Jamaican farmers in the cultivation of organic food and reduce the importation of conventional, inorganic and genetically modified (GMO) foods. Additionally, Farm Up Jamaica provides assistance to farmers in need of land preparation, the use of farming equipment, organic seeds, organic fertilizers and treatments, technical support, training and more. Learn more at

Marley ‘Rainbow’ Country White Wine is a blended Napa Valley wine, consisting of approximately 60% Chardonnay and 40% Sauvignon Blanc, vinted by de Conti and fellow owner/winemaker Stefano Migotto to meet the exacting profile sought by key members of the Marley Family. The wine is balanced, food-friendly, and carries with it a reminiscence of island tropicality and California acidity; invigorating both the soul and the palate.

The limited-edition Marley ‘Rainbow Country’ White Wine will be exclusively sold online beginning December 10, 2018 by Clicking Here and can be purchased in select states. Each 750ml bottle will be sold at the release price of $18.00 USD.

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Ca’ Momi is an Italian lifestyle company rooted in soulful tradition and Napa Valley spirit. Obsessively authentic and passionate about sustaining and sharing Italian heritage and culture, Ca’ Momi’s founders developed a heartcrafted™ line of Napa Valley wines and a popular restaurant in downtown Napa. Ca’ Momi wines and spirits are full-bodied and big-hearted, representing the winemaking prowess of the Italian-born winemaking and distilling team of Dario De Conti and Stefano Migotto. Ca’ Momi Osteria features obsessively authentic Italian dishes made with organic and local ingredients, served at the direction of Italian-born Chef Valentina Guolo-Migotto and Master Pizzaiolo Dario De Conti. Ca’ Momi Osteria carries certifications for authenticity including Ospitalità Italiana and Accademia della Cucina Italiana for maintaining hospitality and heritage standards, and Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) Association of Italy and the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN) in the U.S. for adherence to strict cultural standards for pizza making. The founders of Ca’ Momi are dedicated to living their lives with intention, soul and passion. All Ca’ Momi products have been mindfully crafted to bring joy to everyday life.