Marzetti® Wing Sauces Help Operators Add Layers of Flavor to Menus

T. Marzetti Foodservice is helping operators spice up their menus with its new Marzetti Wing Sauces.


Consumers are always looking for ways to explore new and innovative flavors when visiting or ordering takeout from their favorite restaurants. With Americans consuming nearly 1 billion wings in 2020 alone,1 wing appetizers are the perfect way to help satisfy their curiosity. Marzetti Wing Sauces are premium sauces that feature trending flavors like hot honey barbecue, mango habanero and roasted garlic parmesan. Each wing sauce is carefully crafted to achieve exceptional flavor balance and depth. The lineup was also developed with the goal of providing cleaner and more thoughtful ingredients, with no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and 0g trans fat.


Marzetti has been trusted to provide high-quality sauces, including wing sauces, to the nation’s top chains for over 20 years.  We are very excited to provide a line of branded wing sauces that will give operators of any size the opportunity to serve their customers on-trend flavors that can complement any menu.” Says Chrissy Shea, Marketing Manager for T. Marzetti Foodservice. 


With its extended shelf life and ready-to-serve format, Marzetti Wing Sauces help operators find cost and labor efficiencies. Customers also benefit from increased options on menus for special diets from vegan to gluten-free.


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