Massachusetts-Based Restaurants, Retail, Catering, Event and Entertainment Venues Align to Create Lombardo’s Hospitality Group

The Massachusetts-based event facility, Lombardo’s Meetings & Occasions and Vincent’s Nightclub housed at 6 Billings Street in Randolph, MA, Lombardo’s To Go catering in Norwood, MA, Bardo’s Bar Pizza in South Boston, and the Lombardo’s retail division which currently produces Lombardo’s sausages with other products currently in R + D; has officially launched Lombardo’s Hospitality Group (LHG) unifying all silos of the Lombardo family businesses.

Lombardo’s Hospitality Group Formed

The formal organization comes as the long-standing family business makes plans for the future. “We’ve been a growing family business since 1927 beginning in East Boston with the opening of Liberty Market on Porter Street, and through the years we’ve evolved opening catering, event, entertainment and retail businesses, and now restaurants. As the next generation of our family further grows and modernizes the businesses, we’re creating a brand standard across our entire portfolio with the launch of the Lombardo’s Hospitality Group,” said Vincent Lombardo, Chief Executive Officer.

The creation of the Lombardo’s Hospitality Group (LHG) comes as future plans of expansion are in progress with the next generation of leaders in the family business.

“This is a family business which we all grew up in, has always changed with the needs of our clients and customers, and above all has always thrived. As we lead and grow the fourth generation of the Lombardo’s family businesses, the formation of this hospitality group is step one in the next chapter of our businesses’ evolution,” said David Lombardo, Director of Operations of Lombardo’s Hospitality Group (LHG).

With the formation of the new hospitality group brand standards, operations and communications will be unified and new projects are currently under development, including the expansion of the Bardo’s Bar Pizza brand. “We’re excited for this new chapter and the growth opportunities ahead. Our family has a rich history here in the Boston area and positioning our hospitality group in such a way that tells that story and demonstrates all that we offer for our clients is the primary goal,” said Francesca Lombardo, Director of Marketing for Lombardo’s Hospitality Group (LHG).

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More information on the newly formed Lombardo’s Hospitality Group (LHG) can be found by visiting the website

About Lombardo’s Hospitality Group:

Lombardo’s Hospitality Group (LHG) is a full-service hospitality company which includes: restaurants, catering, event services and consultation, entertainment services and consultation and retail product offerings. Owned and operated as a private holding by the Massachusetts-based Lombardo family, the company began in 1927 in East Boston, MA with the opening of Liberty Market, marking nearly 100 years of serving the communities in which it operates. For more information on Lombardo’s Hospitality Group (LHG) please visit: