Medicinal Herbs Enhance Current Market

Medicinal Herbs Enhance Current MarketFarlong offers supplements made with natural ingredients from seed to shelf.

By Debbie Hall

The pandemic has changed the landscape of how the US looks at health, including supplements. While many used herbal ingredients to boost the immune system and promote health before COVID-19, the demand has skyrocketed. For over 20 years, Farlong has created products using natural and herbal ingredients to promote a healthy and natural life, focusing on quality ingredients and ancient Chinese roots. These ingredients can be incorporated into foods and beverages to help improve cardiovascular and cognitive health. Many of Farlong’s products are backed by recent scientific studies and debuted within the past year.

Medicinal Herbs Enhance Current MarketAs CEO and Executive Director of Farlong, Jing Struve is responsible for strategic planning, management of daily operations, product research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and clinical trial execution. She has over 16 years of experience in the industry, including 12 years focused on leading FDA-regulated medical device research and development at Medtronic. Jing switched to her focus when the healing power of ancient remedies inspired her. Jing is currently studying traditional Chinese medicine through the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine distance-learning program. Food and Beverage Magazine spoke with Jing about supplements, its base, and the growing US market.

What is the history of Farlong?

Jing Struve: The company was established in 1997 in California offering supplements and health food products. Product lines were added for acupuncture and naturopathic practices. Over 100 traditional Chinese medicine formulas provided are condition-specific, and they have been used for more than 3,000 years. We incorporated our product lines and offered them to universities, hospitals, and practitioners and we now have eight herbal dispensaries across the US.

What is offered to boost the immune system?

Jing Struve: Farlong is now selling Lung Booster 1, Lung Booster 2, and Lung Detox. Before the pandemic, we only offered these products to professionals to dispense, but with the high demand, it now being offered to the public. Trials are being conducted, and these products have 500 years of history of helping boost the respiratory system.

What other products are offered?

Jing Struve: We offer InnerPure for colon detoxing, Lifeflower Breviscapine for cognitive health, Ginseng Plus Panax Notoginseng extract for heart health, and AstaBest Astaxanthin for antioxidant nutrition. We offer capsules and powder form.

Tell us a little about your background.

Jing Struve: I was born and raised in China and moved to the US in 1997 to pursue my engineering degree. I graduated from California State University Northridge with honors, earning a Master of Science in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am trained as a software engineer. I was the lead designer for an insulin pump for a glucose management system. I switched careers and now research and develop botanical drugs and medicinal herbs.

Why did you switch careers?

Jing Struve: As an engineer, I felt accomplished in helping people live a better life and improve their lifestyle, but I could not solve their medical problems. When I was exposed to traditional Chinese medicine, I discovered that the human body encompasses a vast universe and can help heal itself with the right products. Our earth serves a purpose with real true healing capacities. For example, I worked with those who have diabetes. I believe there is a cure for diabetes from the earth and that we need to develop the knowledge and resources to discover how to accomplish this. Before, I only worked to relieve the symptoms, but now I want to find the cure. I believe I am on the right path. I am so excited, and I love what I do.

Medicinal Herbs Enhance Current MarketFarlong produces products from seed to shelf at its 6,000-acre GAP farm in Yunnan Province, growing an estimated 75% of the medicinal botanicals. The geographical area of the farm’s location is known for harvesting specific medicinal Chinese herbs. Farlong combines traditional processing methods with advanced techniques, ensuring that all decoction ingredients are transferred to full-spectrum concentrated ingredients while achieving higher levels of stability and effectiveness. For more information and purchase supplements, visit