The Hamptons are set to get an exquisite culinary experience with the opening of the El Turco Turkish Food Restaurant.  Truly divine and fully authentic Turkish inspired food will captivate guests out East this summer with authentic Turkish menu selections served with renowned Turkish hospitality.

El Turco Turkish Food Restaurant Arrives in East Hampton

El Turco East Hampton is the result of a casual meeting between one of it’s founders and Frank Cilione, the longtime operator of the dual restaurant and nightlife venue on Three Mile Harbor Road in East Hampton.  Soon thereafter, Mr. Cilione hired the original founders Nurdan Gur Yuzbasioglu, Gokhan Yuzbasioglu along with developer and visionary Cagri Kanver to assist in realizing their collective vision.


Located close to the heart of East Hampton at 44 Three Mile Harbor Road, the newest El Turco will come alive in the stunningly well-designed space during the July 4th holiday weekend and officially opening July 8th. It has created a chef’s tasting experience that will take guests on a culinary journey with the best use of Turkish food reflective of the grand tastes and traditional expressions of the rich cultural heritage mixed with a modern presentation of bold flavors.


Created with high-quality meats, fine imported spices, and local seasonal ingredients, each dish on the menu is based on classic Turkish recipes, reimagined by the culinary team lead by Mr. Yuzbasioglu and talented Executive Chef Guney.  Many dishes originate from the Aegean and Anatolian part of Turkey, as well as special selections from the Mediterranean and South-Eastern region.


Some of the enchanting and authentic dishes will be showcased as well as an assortment of gorgeous mezes like Roasted Beet Hummus, Kopoglu, Red Lentil Balls and Armenian style Pilaki.  Main dishes that bring joy with just one bite will include such classics as Ali Nazik Kebab – a smoked pureed eggplant topped with cubes of sauteed lamb as well as a traditional Mediterranean style grilled Sea Bass.  The menu will also feature a variety of fresh summer salads and other tantalizing small plates such as Manti – small beef dumplings topped with garlic yogurt, sumac and dry mint.


The Turkish Restaurant will offer a unique dining experience in the Hamptons. Every aspect of each course is rooted with the uniqueness of the incredible dishes paired with unique Turkish ingredients and flavor notes. The offerings are presented with wine pairings and cocktails that elevate the dining experience.  Guests will experience a remarkable level of professional and warm service infused with Turkish cultural values of hospitality.


To add even more to feast upon and experience while dining, an eclectic range of live entertainment & curated music will be featured as guests enjoy food and drinks. Whether already a devoted Miami patron who is Out East on vacation or a visitor from New York, everyone will fall in love with the Turkish hospitality of El Turco.


Dinner service will take place every Tuesday through Saturday during July and August beginning at 6:00 pm. with the early evening seating showcasing more family-orientated meals. As the night progresses guests can expect a high energy yet tranquil dining atmosphere.


On Sunday’s guests will get to experience and enjoy a traditional Turkish style Brunch from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The dining areas will showcase giant towers of seafood and traditional dishes served to the delight of guests. Turkish breakfast is considered one of the healthiest to be had throughout the world, rich in nutrients and also simply delicious.  An assortment of greens as well as fresh tomatoes, cucumber sand peppers are eaten during the meal along with feta cheese, eggs, olives, honey, and a yummy cream of milk dish called Kaymak as well as scrumptious fresh baked Turkish breads and Borekas.


With the original Miami location receiving a Michelin rating after only fifteen months in business, expectations are very high for El Turco East Hampton!

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For more information, please visit


TEL: (631) 502-9597



44 Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton, NY 11937



Tuesday to Saturday: 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. for dinner service

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for brunch service

Monday: Closed