Modern Stone-Age Oven and Hot Rocks Diversify Commercial Kitchens

Rok Modern Stone-Age Cooking is changing the way restaurants do business and, most importantly, servicing their customers. Inspired by owner Steve Wright’s travels to Zimbabwe and the demand for cost effective rock heating appliances within the industry, Rok is helping aspiring restaurant owners achieve their dreams, at an affordable price.

Rok Cooking manufactures and distributes a complete package for commercial use, which includes a Premier 650 High-Temperature Oven, stainless steel oven stand with 2 shelves, 25-108 Roksettings (consisting of Rok, plate and stainless steel insert), stainless steel rock shovel, table displays, training & advertising materials and warranty. The system is extremely affordable and can be easily added to an existing restaurant or implemented as a stand-alone concept.

Designed with the pioneering restaurant owner in mind, the Premier 650 High-Temperature Oven is built to maximize kitchen output with its energy and space efficiency, helping to absorb and minimize utility costs. Savvy restaurateurs have even expanded their menu offerings as they are able to prepare meats, fish and vegetables in methods and volumes they were unable to produce until purchasing a Premier 650 unit.

With the hot rock units, patrons can experience cooking as it was in ancient society and can taste what a difference a Rok makes in flavor, texture and freshness when cooking poultry, red meat, fish and even vegetarian options.  The volcanic rock stones are sourced from a Chinese quarry and cut to size especially for the Rok Cooking system.

Up to 108 hot rocks can be heated within the Premier 650 at a single time. The oven itself can reach varied temperatures of up to 850° F, ensuring optimal heat retention of the rocks for cooking. The stainless steel construction is well-insulated, further propelling the Premier 650 as one of the most restaurant-friendly investments on the market. Recently, a newly-designed stainless steel tray was introduced to the Rok Cooking system, reconfigured to minimize the effect of thermal expansion and ensure that patrons have the best experience possible while cooking on the rock. The oven is safety and sanitation certified (UL, cUL & NSF), giving restaurants assured peace of mind in passing regulated safety and health standards and in responsibly serving their patrons.

To date, hundreds of restaurants around the world use Rok commercial products, such as Rok Bistro in Sunnyvale, CA; Alhambra Hotel in Quintana Roo, Mexico; The J Clyde in Birmingham, AL; Rendezvous Lodge in British Columbia, Canada; Mela Indian Cuisine in Boston, MA; and many more.

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About Rok Modern Stone-Age Cooking

Rok is the leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of rock cooking products to restaurants and homes worldwide. For nine years, Rok has produced and offered a compelling cooking product to restaurants and individuals looking to think (and cook) outside the box. The Rok Commercial Cooking System includes the Premier 650 High-Temperature Oven designed exclusively for use with hot rocks and delivering energy-efficient, health conscious food preparation with the educated restaurant owner in mind. The Rok Home Cooking system offers the most engaging and affordable interactive hot rock cooking experience for today’s discriminating home cook who is looking to prepare healthier and more entertaining meals. Rok Bistro in Northern California, owned by Rok Cooking President Steve Wright, is the home of the Rok concept, where diners have been experiencing the Rok Cooking system in action for more than four years. To sum it up, Rok is “Modern Stone-Age Cooking at its Finest!”