Mowi CP of Americas is set to dazzle at the largest seafood tradeshow in Boston, Massachusetts, taking place from March 10th to 12th. Occupying an impressive 2,400 square feet, Mowi’s dynamic booth at the Seafood Expo North America at booth number #217.

Mowi’s booth at the Seafood Expo stands as one of the  most captivating at the event venue. “We eagerly anticipate welcoming our valued customers to an event that celebrates the passion, innovation, and success within the seafood industry. The Mowi Booth is just a glimpse of our organization’s extensive capabilities in serving our retail partners. With processing facilities spanning the globe, Mowi can craft tailored programs leveraging our years of product development and technological investment,” says Joe Fidalgo, Mowi CP of Americas – Managing Director.

On Sunday, March 10th from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. visitors to the booth will get to meet and greet ‘The Salmon Queen’ Gigi Ashworth @gigieats, author of the new book Seduced by Salmon. Seduced By Salmon: Showing You 69 Ways with SalmonAfter Pre-Heating Your Oven!

“The Seafood Expo provides the ideal platform to showcase the expanded Mowi Brand, featuring innovative products in the fresh pre-packed, smoked, and coated frozen categories,” adds Diana Dumet, Senior Director of Category and Marketing at Mowi CP of the Americas. “We intend to show to the trade audience Mowi’s product quality and versatility. We offer Atlantic Salmon from 7 different origins and each one is available to serve all types of customers.”

Robert Clark, Director of Sales and Business Development at Mowi CP of Americas, highlights, “The Mowi booth will feature the most extensive product collection ever presented at this prestigious event. We eagerly await connecting with the trade community and showcasing our organization’s capabilities in serving the American seafood industry.” The booth will showcase:


  • Mowi Atlantic Salmon Fresh, Never Frozen (skin packed)
  • Mowi Atlantic Salmon Smoked
  • Mowi Atlantic Salmon Coated Breaded (skin packed)
  • Mowi Atlantic Salmon Frozen in a Box
  • Ducktrap Lightly Smoked Seafood
  • Marine Harvest Fin Fish Variety
  • Food Service


Mowi’s presence at this event underscores its position as an industry leader and its commitment to leading the Blue Revolution by encouraging consumers to embrace more ocean-friendly foods. For comprehensive information about the Mowi booth and Seafood Expo activities, visit Mowi Americas Media Kit


About Mowi:

Mowi, a Norwegian company, has consistently delivered healthy and delicious seafood since 1964, becoming a leading aquaculture company. Mowi collaborates with the ocean to produce nutritious, delectable, and top-quality seafood while striving for the highest sustainability standards. As a supplier of farm-raised Atlantic salmon, Mowi fulfills one-fifth of the global demand and is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of seafood production. The company operates in 25 countries with over 12,000 employees. Learn more about the world’s largest Atlantic salmon supplier a



Mowi has been recognized as the world’s most sustainable protein producer for the fourth consecutive year by the FAIRR Initiative. The Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index assesses the world’s 60 largest publicly listed animal protein producers, evaluating them against ten environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, including GHG emissions, deforestation, antibiotic usage, and working conditions.


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