Must-Know Food Fon-Do’s: Celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day April 11th with Emmi Roth USA

Must-Know Food Fon-Do’s: Celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day April 11th with Emmi Roth USADo you fondue? This classic Swiss meal has its own holiday. April 11th is National Cheese Fondue Day, a time to fire up the fondue pots for food, fun and good conversation. To celebrate, Emmi Roth USA, the US division of the premier Swiss dairy company, is sharing the must-know fon-DO’s of fondue – everything from tips for when you dip to the new ways to do fondue.

“Social meals like fondue bring friends and family together to enjoy an interactive dining experience and are making a comeback to a new generation.” said Linda Duwve, VP of Sales & Marketing at Emmi Roth USA, whose ready-made Original Cheese Fondue keeps prep time for a busy host minimal.  “The dish also has a rich history and interesting touches of etiquette that we love to bring to the table, and National Cheese Fondue Day gives us the perfect platform to share that cultural aspect of our fondue to a new audience.”

Be A Delightful Dipper

  • While fondue is all in good fun, there are a few basic guidelines to follow in consideration of other guests.
  • Skewer like a pro. Be sure your food is secured to your fondue fork or skewer before dipping to avoid losing it in the cheese.
  • If you missed the first step and drop your dipper into the fondue, Swiss tradition says a woman must kiss the person next to her, and a man must buy a round of drinks for everyone. You could also just politely remove it to ensure the pot remains clean for all.
  • Perfect your twirling and swirling. It is polite to make one to two small swirls before removing your food.
  • Resist the urge to double dip. Food that has been bitten should never return to the communal pot.
  • Be a little adventurous by tasting everything you are served (the exception to the rule is a dietary restriction, in which case you may politely decline).
  • Sample before salting. Fondue is already seasoned with spices and wine, so it might be perfect just the way it is. If you do add salt, make sure you do it after you’ve dipped.

Must-Know Food Fon-Do’s: Celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day April 11th with Emmi Roth USA

Tasting Notes

  • It’s all in the details, and these simple suggestions will ensure that you keep it classy, but still casually cool, when indulging.
  • Wait your turn. Allow one person to dip at a time and proceed in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion around the table.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Dip larger pieces and then cut them into smaller bits on your own plate.
  • A moment on the lips is frowned upon. Your fondue fork or skewer should never directly touch your mouth. Transfer your food to your plate before indulging.
  • Let it cool. Never blow on freshly dipped hot food. Avoid splatters and allow your food to cool slightly on your plate.

The New Way to Fondue

  • Fondue is always fun in its traditional form, but these new takes offer creative ways to enjoy the cheese and make it more accessible for everyday meals.
  • Fondue is a fun party meal for special occasions, but also a great weeknight meal for the family. Not to mention it will get your kids to eat their vegetables.
  • It’s great to pay homage to this Swiss dining tradition, but be creative with using the cheese sauce as a dip or in a macaroni and cheese.
  • Feel free to add your own twist with a few dashes of hot sauce or some prepared taco meat.

Traditional Swiss fondue is made with a mixture of cheese, wine, kirsch brandy and spices. The Emmi Original Fondue makes it easy with all of these authentic ingredients in a ready-made pouch so you can make a tasty fondue without the fuss. No matter how you fondue, the meal is a snap to prepare for a fondue fete that’s as easy as it is fabulous.

Emmi Roth USA provides a wide variety of fine Swiss-style cheeses great for use in recipes or on their own. You can find them at your local grocer and online at

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