National Sake Day

In honor of National Sake Day (Oct. 1), Koi– the leader in contemporary Japanese cuisine and noted celebrity hotspot – is offering the Sparkling Hana Blossom, a refreshing sake cocktail. Additionally, Koi Sake, a fragrant, well-balanced sake of the premier Junmai Daiginjo class, is sold exclusively to Koi diners for $85 per 500 ml bottle

 Sparkling Hana Blossom
1 1/2 ounces VeeV
1 1/2 ounces Hana sparkling sake
1 ounce lychee juice
1/2 ounce St Germain
Pour into high ball over ice and garnish with orchid and lychee

A fragrant, well-balanced sake with medium dry taste, Koi Sake, is of the premier Junmai Daiginjo class, and is sold exclusively to Koi diners at $85 per 500 ml bottle. Sakes of this class are made with rice that has been polished to at least 50%, and often times the rice is polished more than the required amount, eliminating a majority of the unwanted fats and proteins found in the outer layer of the grain. Koi Sake is brewed by the Kamikokoro Brewery located in the small town of Setouchi in the Okayama prefecture, a region known for producing top quality sakes due to optimal growing conditions. Koi Sake is brewed in the traditional method using the most precise and labor-intensive techniques without the addition of distilled alcohol.

Located in the spectacular Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, the visually dramatic environment of Koi Las Vegas was conceived by Koi Design Group, the company’s innovative in-house design team. One of the hotel’s most striking venues, the restaurant is located on “The Mezz,” overlooking the casino, and is visible from every corner of the main floor. The restaurant is wrapped in a seductive harmony of Asian design elements, all integrated into a floor plan that combines an exotic Eastern aura with a sense of Hollywood energy and style.