New Book “Wine Hack” Demystifies Wine, Teaches How to Be a BOSS

Wine Hack

Wine Education that Starts with Your Mouth Not with Your Head

New Book “Wine Hack” Demystifies Wine, Teaches How to Be a BOSSAs an industry veteran that has worked with winemakers to establish the style of hundreds of wines, author Jeffrey Schiller created an incredibly simple framework to educate and empower every wine drinker.

In his new book, Wine Hack, he teaches consumers to “speak wine” through the BOSS method, and find new freedom in navigating to wines they like. As the first book on wine that “starts with your mouth, NOT your head,” Wine Hack provides the Rosetta Stone that unlocks the simple notions that these elitist wine descriptions really represent.

New Book “Wine Hack” Demystifies Wine, Teaches How to Be a BOSSJeffrey Schiller is a marketer by training and a wine industry veteran of 8 years. His work started at leading consumer package goods company, Procter & Gamble, and after obtaining his MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, he started working in the wine industry at the world’s largest wine producer, Treasury Wine Estates, based in Napa, California. He has worked with wineries from across California, Oregon, Washington, Australia, Argentina, and Italy and is also a candidate for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma, a prerequisite to become a Master of Wine.
The first-time author currently works for leading American wine importer, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, and lives in New York City.
Wine Hack recently released to national distribution by New York’s Morgan James Publishing. The book is now available for purchase at as well as Amazon and Barnes&Noble.