Full Stop Burger Shop & Custard Counter was joined by the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Gene McGee, and the Madison County Chamber of Commerce for its official ribbon cutting.  Formerly Majestic Kitchen, the new brand brings together modern style and nostalgic touches with a light and airy vibe, offering the burgers customers know and love along with new classics.

Beyond the brand and interior revamp, owner Todd Manuel has set out to overhaul the way his restaurant does business. “Several months ago, we started the process of reinvesting in our business with the intention of improving guests’ experience with our food, dining room and team,” says Manuel. “Our goal was to hone-in on what really makes us shine – our commitment to classic American food, to the betterment of our community and to the long-term personal success of each member of our team.”

“Today’s a great day for us,” says owner Todd Manuel. “We’re offering all of our employees actual living wages, paid time off, and health insurance. ‘Live Life Full’ is our motto and that’s the vision for what we are trying to do here. It’s not just about our customers, but also about our staff living their life full.”

After years in the restaurant industry, Manuel has become grieved over the hardship much of the industry finds themselves in. “So many people that we have encountered work 60+ hours a week at multiple jobs and still just barely scrape by,” he says. “These are beautiful people. Fun, loving, generous and kind people. Yet, due to the typical restaurant business model they still have no access to healthcare and are unable to take off any time from work because they need the money to survive.”

Manuel recognizes his power to make a difference and his new brand will reflect the values at the core of the business. “We insist that the American dream applies to everyone that chooses to work with us, regardless of position within the restaurant,” says Manuel. Our goal is for 100% of our full-time workforce to make a living wage, have health/dental insurance and paid time off for when they need it most. We believe the restaurant industry that we love can become a better place for all; and, we’re excited to be a part of that change.”