AUTEC’s New Robot Mimics Chef’s Delicate Cutting Motions

The Maki Cutter can safely and efficiently cut thin to thick rolls, including up to 4 hosomaki sushi rolls into 6, 8, or 10 pieces at once! The rolls are raised upward through a unique internal cutting unit, mimicking the delicate motions of a sushi chef’s knife. Even rolls with toppings can be expertly cut while keeping their elements perfectly intact! This innovation allows for maximum optimization of the operation line in any kitchen with the ability to automate the cutting process.

AUTEC Introduces New Robot Mimicking Chef’s Cutting Motions

ASM260A has interchangeable blade frames which hold different amounts of blades that are easily swappable to cut sushi rolls into the number of desired pieces ensuring dishes are entirely customized to the chef’s preference. Featuring a simple, elegant design, the ASM260A is also very easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble to full operation with only 4 removable internal parts.

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