NEW Eco-Friendly Food Storage Wrap – Washable, Usable, Biodegradable, Zero Waste

NEW Eco-Friendly Food Storage Wrap – Washable, Usable, Biodegradable, Zero WasteHonor Your Food and the Planet, Go Zero Waste and Plastic-Free – Khala Cloths are made with organic cotton-hemp fabric infused with a custom blend of sustainably sourced beeswax, tree resin, and coconut oil. They are hand washable, reusable, and after a year or more of daily use can either be composted or repurposed. Because of their all-natural ingredients and properties, they are superior to plastic because they allow food to breathe and stay fresher longer.

Khala Cloths was born because the owners wanted to reduce the amount of plastic they used.  Concerned about what kind of environment their children would inherit, they researched what people did before plastic and re-discovered waxed cloth and tree resin storage techniques.   In 2016, they were awarded the  “best innovative brand” at the Green Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Where to find us and what we offer – Khala Cloths teamed up with artist Katherine Homes to create a new cloth line to support the Chef Ann Foundation.  These cloths adorned with whimsical designs of a ruby-throated hummingbird and western bluebird created by Katherine Homes come in six sizes – mini, small, medium, large, sandwich, and potluck.  Ranging in price from $5 to $20  they can be purchased via Khala Cloths’ online store. For more information, please visit or

Benefits – In addition to giving people options to go zero waste when caring for their food, for every purchase of a Katherine Homes designed Khala Cloth, 5% will go towards the Chef Ann Foundation’s efforts to increase the consumption of fresh food by school children in a quest for lifelong healthy eating habits.

Partnering Up for the Planet –  Khala Cloths is an especially unique, zero waste food storage company certified by Green America because of the priority they place on sustainably and ethically sourced materials. As members of 1% for the Planet and the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Khala Cloths also has a company committed to supporting environmental causes and charities. It was Khala Cloths’ membership in 1% for the Planet connected them with Homes, (also a 1% for the Planet Member) which led to their co-creation on this new line. Katherine channels her creative talents for the greater good with a mission to “create the best product possible, tread lightly on the planet, and bring awareness to endangered species, landscapes, and conservation efforts through playful designs.”

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