New Fast Fine Ovlo Eats Restaurant in Plantation, FL Designed by Saladino Design Studios

A cut above fast-casual without the formality of fine dining, Ovlo Eats is a new 56-seat “fast fine” restaurant located in Plantation, Florida. Modeled after the popular California dining concept, the restaurant is the first health-focused option in the area serving fresh, feel-good food using the highest-quality ingredients. The restaurant’s interiors by Miami-based Saladino Design Studios complements the fresh menu and emphasizes the owner’s California vibe.

“The 2,500 square foot space is our take on a modern, California farmhouse that is often edgy, light, visually calming with a minimal mix of materials,” said Juan Diaz, project manager, Saladino Design Studios. “The food at Ovlo Eats has a light feel so we made sure to translate that in the materials we selected.”

The restaurant’s branding emphasizes green living, so the interiors showcase a fresh design with green accents that compliments the fresh & healthy food. The designers added a bold green onyx counter that gives the space a sense of sophistication, while adding to the overall theme. White-washed brick walls surround booths wrapped in natural brown leathers, fluted glass panels, and modern wood-inspired porcelain floors.

The furniture, including the booths and hand-painted white oak tables, were custom-crafted by Saladino. Adding depth and texture to the restaurant, the creative designers incorporated a large moss that hangs down from a skylight above one of the booths. The large booth also features a trendy neon light that reads “Food with Thought” — a nod to Ovlo’s mission.

The owners , Steven Stolberg, Josh Bernstein and Chef Jeremy Shelton, are planning to expand to 10 locations.

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