New Guy on Campus, Dlush UCSD designed by Colkitt&Co

New Guy on Campus, Dlush UCSD designed by Colkitt&CoAfter the success of Dlush Rock Church that opened last year, the innovative retail chain known for their hand-crafted drinks chose to collaborate a second time with architectural design firm Colkitt & Co and graphic design studio Hollis Brand Culture on another location at the University of San Diego, California. This time, rather than bringing the innovative cafe brand to a megachurch of 20,000+ attendees, Dlush chose to bring a fresh twist to campus dining with their high-energy lifestyle food and beverages. While this is the ninth location for Dlush, it is their first college campus location and since January, Dlush has offered food and drink for the hungry students buzzing around the center-court of Price Student Center located at UCSD.

A former storage closet, the team transformed the 1,840-square-foot space into a vibrant, yet casually posh dining venue embodying the Dlush ‘POP’ culture. The design of the cafe translates Dlush founder Jeffrey Adler’s company motto, “Dare to Dream”, into a space that embraces young student culture and ambition. The goal was to create a dining location on campus where guests can grab a bite to eat and linger longer. The radiant shades of green, purple, and orange featured in the design emphasize the brand’s drive for health, activity, and socialization, making the environment ‘POP’ for guests.

New Guy on Campus, Dlush UCSD designed by Colkitt&CoEager to translate the Dlush brand to appeal to a student and faculty population of 38,000, creative furniture and design elements were selected to ‘pool’ the school’s community of staff, students, and visitors together. Social media walls and personalized message logos make the Dlush environment far more relevant and in demand to the local student population than any of the other fast casual environments in the student center. Unique vibrant coral lighting fixtures literally reflect Dlush’s trendy culture, while creating a sense of movement in the space. These strategic lighting choices made by the design team also help to emphasize graphic details, and create directionality to subconsciously accentuate areas of social focus to the guests.

New Guy on Campus, Dlush UCSD designed by Colkitt&CoNathan Lee Colkitt, president of Colkitt & Co explained, “The seating is diverse, like Dlush guests who come from all continents, and all different walks of life. Whether a padded social circle, bench, nook, bar, table or lounge, the colors and styles are as varied as the people.” In addition, the branding application is very purposeful and meaningful including bright, patterned upholstery with the company’s branding infused on the seating. Simple and necessary smart features, like power integrated seating and tiered social lounge areas, encourage the student population to interact while enjoying smoothies, coffee, tea, milkshakes, gourmet sandwiches and other food items offered on the menu.

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