New Look, New Label for Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

New Look, New Label for Harveys Bristol Cream SherryHarveys Bristol Cream Sherry, the the best-selling Sherry in the world and the top seller in the U.S., has received a makeover: a new label that turns blue when the Sherry is properly chilled and is best ready to drink.

The Harveys brand logo now contains a thermochromic ink which turns blue when the Sherry inside the bottle reaches a perfect drinking temperature of 50°-55°F. This updated Harveys packaging, along with a brighter blue label and cap, helps consumers understand the Sherry tastes best when served chilled — keeping the bottle in the fridge creates a whole new tasting experience that opens up the Sherry’s rich, mellow flavor notes and provides a long-lasting satisfying finish.

“While the product inside the bottle remains the award-winning Sherry we have known and loved for decades, we wanted to convey how to properly consume Harveys,” says Nicolás Bertino, CEO and Country Manager of González Byass USA. “This is the first time a Sherry will have the thermochromic label, educating consumers on how to drink Harveys. This bottle stands out among others and looks fantastic.”

John Harveys & Sons was founded in 1796 in Bristol, England and in 1882, Harveys became the only Spanish product with a Royal Warrant from the Queen of England. Harveys is crafted from a blend of four different styles of Sherry and aged between 3-20 years in the traditional Solera system. In 2017, Harveys received the prestigious prize for the Best Fortified Wine Producer in the World from the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC).

In 2016, Harveys Bristol Cream was acquired by Grupo Emperador and in June 2018, González Byass, a family-owned producer of fine wines, Sherries and premium spirits, began distribution of Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry in the United States.

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