New Poll Reveals Top 10 Tequilas Based on 18K+ Votes in Time for National Tequila Day

New Poll Reveals Top 10 Tequilas Based on 18K+ Votes in Time for National Tequila DayWHAT IS THE WORLD’S BEST TEQUILA BRAND?
18,600 VOTES

Don Julio Takes #1 Spot Overall
Millennials & Gen Xers Like Patron
Men & Baby Boomers Prefer Casa Noble & 1800 Tequila
Women’s Preferences Include Herradura & Tres Generationes
Los Angeles, CA – July 22, 2015 – Tequilas come in many varieties, and can have very distinct tastes depending on how they are produced. Whether you’re a connoisseur or just a casual drinker, you probably have a preference when it comes to Mexico’s signature liquor.

With National Tequila Day approaching, (July 24th), Ranker, the #1 online destination for crowdsourced rankings of everything, today released the results of its public poll asking voters to rank The Best Tequila Brands to determine the favorites.
The poll, which closed voting on July 21st, included 36 varieties for consumers to rank based on taste and the best choice for them. The Top 10 as determined by more than 18,600 votes by 6,025 voters are as follows:

1.Don Julio
3.1800 Tequila
4.Cabo Wabo
7.Tres Generationes
9.El Jimador

Full Poll Results

While Don Julio dominated the #1 Spot ranking first across nearly all demographics, Ranker’s poll also reveals:
· Millennials & Gen Xers like Patron.
· Men & Baby Boomers prefer Casa Noble & 1800 Tequila.
· Women’s preferences Include Herradura & Tres Generationes.
· International and Northeastern voters ranked Casa Noble among their favorites.
· West Coasters voted Corralejo, Tres Generationes and Cazadores among their Top Five.

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