New Speakeasy Hits the South Fairfax District of Los Angeles – With a Password Required for Entry – For Those In The Know.

Cold Shoulder is the newest nightlife establishment to debut by veteran hospitality founder and notable actor Vincent Laresca, who’s cocktail bar Blue Collar has been a staple on the South Fairfax District landscape for the last decade. Known for its friendly atmosphere and bespoke mixology, Blue Collar maintains itself as a nightly destination for both locals, VIPs and out of town visitors looking for a non pretentious unique bar experience, consistent with great vibes, welcoming bartenders, and world class cocktails. Cold Shoulder, a passion project of Laresca and his Blue Collar Hospitality team for many years, is adjoined to Blue Collar through a hidden bookcase, depicting a prohibition era style speakeasy bar, but with a twist. All of the furniture, decor and adornments are upside down, creating an immediate mind trip for the patron as they enter. Wall sconces hang upside down as well as a row of presidential portraits inclusive of present day, while old fashioned bar stools adorn upside down from the ceiling. Various other items in the wood-toned space will catch the eye, while also establishing the environment of a 1920s cable caboose. Guests will also need a special invitation and rotating password, to enter into Cold Shoulder, in pure speakeasy fashion. The cocktail  bar officially opened its doors to patrons publically on September 5, 2023.

LA’s Newest Speakeasy: Food & Beverage Magazine Exclusive

The mixology is of another era as well, with 36+ garnishes and 36 signature cocktail creations, offered in a beautiful hard cover book style menu with hand drawn watercolor illustrations of each drink, printed with ink on parchment paper. No detail was too small for Laresca’s vision with Cold Shoulder, dedicated to creating something truly special and unique for patrons. Laresca collaborated with Across The Board Design Co. on bringing his vision to life.

Cold Shoulder features an extensive beer selection offered at $18, cocktails for $20, specialty seasonal cocktails for $25, and a list of extremely unique cocktails tapping at over $50 each, due to the extensive creation involved in those specialties. The experience is immersive, allowing the patrons who wish to sit at the bar to witness the beautiful and unique creation of these drinks through various impressive and mesmerizing bartender techniques. To highlight a few, there is a S’mores cocktail known as The Benjamin, features a full size S’mores garnish on the top of the drink which literally melts in your mouth, while the Midnight In Paris concoction is made with fresh chocolate covered strawberries daily paired with Salted Caramel, Blue Caraco, Vodka, Violet, and a White Chocolate Strawberry Cream float. The Art of Smoke features a Smoky Mezcal based drink paired with Smoky Molcajeteada Salsa and tortilla chips, paying homage to Laresca’s popular Roadside Taco eatery in Studio City. The Bananas Foster features real bananas paired with Black Walnut Liqueur, Koloa Rum, Chocolate Bitters and vanilla ice cream topped with Crispy Bacon, Dried Bananas, Mixed Nuts and Caramel, on a beautiful white marble antique platter, for a cocktail experience like you have never imagined.

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“I felt LA was missing a great Bar reminiscent of the bars we had when I arrived from NYC thirty years ago, places like the Whiskey Bar. A place centered around the people, great music & great conversation. A place where my friends and I would go.” – Owner, Vincent Laresca, and founder of Blue Collar Hospitality

Blue Collar is known by word of mouth for its extensive rolodex of thousands of drinks, which each are attributed to their regular bargoers. Patrons may request anything they like, then it is added to the old fashioned rolodex with a handwritten manilla card and the customer inks their own name. Cold Shoulder took a collection of the top requested and most popular patron drinks from the cocktail rolodex to create their signature cocktail menu, as a tribute to their standing customer base. As a result, their bartenders, and customers from all walks of life, are the collaborators on the Cold Shoulder cocktail adventure.

The music of Cold Shoulder skews 50s, 60s, 70s while Blue Collar spins 60s, 70s, 80s.

Cold Shoulder Location and Hours: 359 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036, 7pm-2am.

*May vary seasonally, with earlier openings available for private events.


Website . 

*The password hint will be posted daily on their instagram page for those clever followers and intrigued patrons.